3 Month Update


I can’t believe this little sweetheart is growing up so fast! Its been a little over three months since Layla was born but somehow it feels like she has always been apart of our lives! Life with a baby is a huge adjustment but I wouldn’t trade it for anything. She is growing so big and coo’ing all the time. I absolutely adore this stage! She definitely recognizes her mama and I get that big toothless grin most of the time when she see’s me! That alone makes all the hard work worth it! I can safely say that I have a new appreciation for so many small things in life. A glass of wine has never tasted so good!


She’s such a happy girl, I love when she smiles and laughs like this


She is starting to fit in more clothes so dressing her up is becoming more fun!


Layla weighs 11.6 lbs and is 22 inches long, I love her little plump belly and those short legs! She has grown about 1 pound and 1 inch in a month. We have her in 3 month clothing and still some 0-3 month stuff and are in size 1 diapers! She sleeps a solid 5 hour stretch in the beginning of the night (sometimes 6 or 7!) Followed by waking up every 2 hours after that. She’s doing great in her crib but sleeps on her back so I also feel like she is getting a bit of a bald spot! The pediatrician said it didn’t seem like anything to be to concerned about that eventually it would grow back. She is also drooling and blowing bubbles a lot more so I’m wondering if this is the beginning stages of teething?! When they say “enjoy this stage because they grow up so quickly” they aren’t lying!