22 Month Update

Wow sorry I have not updated not to much has gone on since 18 months! Layla is terrific she is SO much fun she’s such a hoot. I want 3 more like her and I would laugh my way through everyday. I cannot believe my little baby will be 2 in November it has flown by! She is doing so good though, her speech is getting really good, she’s an awesome sleeper, she eats well and often. I couldn’t ask for more honestly! My pictures are not uploading so I need to work on them here is all I have for now!


Eating- Oh ya still anything and everything she’s a vacuum for food. She is really into cereal these days but the only kind that has marshmallows and she picks out the marshmallow and leaves me the rest. Snacks is a huge thing these days she eats about 6 times a day. Water is also a must I would assume she drinks 4-6 cups of water a day. Milk is still in the morning and at night. Her favorite food is cereal and peaches!

Sleeping- She got moved into her toddler bed and it has worked out because I flipped the lock on the door and she can’t get out ;o) but she does sleep well in there. She goes to sleep at 7:30 and wakes up at 7:30am. its nice! But as far as napping (11:30am till 1:30pm) these last few days she has been refusing I hope this is a just a fluke and she goes back to napping because I can’t get anything done!

Clothing- She still only weighs 21 pounds so she is still in 12-18 month stuff. Her feet are growing though she is in a 4-5!

Speaking- She can say a ton of words and she’s putting them together like “Bye bye Dada” Or “Mamas Bike” its cute I love it. Her new favorite word is Mine and No so thats been super fun!!

Traveling- We took her to Montana for the 4th of July and she did so good! She loves airplanes and was having a good time in the air thank goodness I was so scared! She didn’t nap the whole week because she was having way to much fun but thats ok. I am glad she did good because I was really reluctant to take her but now seeing how she behaved I feel like another trip will be ok.

School- She starts MDO September 5th I am excited about that she has been off for about 12 weeks this summer so keeping her entertained has been a challenge. She loves to go to MDO she apparently has a boyfriend in there I found out about and every time I say his name her smile goes from ear to ear and she starts clapping. She moves to a new room this fall and goes from napping in a crib to a nap map so I got her a cute one, a new lunch box from Amazon Ill attach and Stickers for her water and lunch box.


Its $27.99 on Amazon  its called the Lunch Bento Box my friend Maggie told me about it and I am excited to try it.


This is the Nap Mat its by Ozark you can find them online but I got mine in Midland at Le Bebe its around $80.00 but totally worth it, it’s so soft and rolls up!


These are the stickers I purchased on Etsy by Modish for her water, lunch box, and random items that I need personalized. They were only $6

Thats all on the home front for now! I will keep y’all posted with more information. Happy Fall Y’all!!






18 Month Update <3

IMG_3226IMG_3227IMG_3228IMG_3229IMG_3230Hiiii!! I am seriously lagging on the updates and its because she is getting more and more active I can’t keep up with it all! Alright  here a little update on miss Layla. She’s 18 months now and lets just say the terrible twos are upon us 😉 We haven’t had any real tantrums yet. I’m talking the throw yourself down in the middle of the aisle at the grocery store but we’ve most definitely had our share of sass! She’s a non stop talker! Her new favorite word if “YEAH”! While she is super independent i’ve noticed her being a little less clingy to me lately and has most definitely turned into a daddies girl.  Layla has been a champ in the sleeping department since about 10 months sleeping 7:30 to 7:30 but this week has been a long one! She’s waking up multiple times so I’m hoping that its just the pesky molar and comes in soon! Her nap is still just once a day and usually on about 1 hour and a half to two hours. Layla also loves to bring lots of books for us to read to her, although she usually loses interest after the second page and goes to bring us another book!  Here are some of the random shots from this past month…



Update-She is in the 33rd percentile for weight and 40th for height. She is 31.5inches tall and weighs 21.0 pounds she is still in 12-18m clothes, size 3 diapers, size 4 shoes. So nothing much has changed in that department she’s still petite! She had her blood taken and seems to be anemic so we have to give her infamy, poly vi sol with iron every day for the next 6 months ;o(

Teeth- She has almost all her teeth just 1 molar left I think and its hurting her, she’s been drooling and kinda cranky so hopefully soon!

Eating- Still like a boss, she has ramped up her intake recently I think because instead of walking these days she runs! Three full meals a day, and 3 snacks, whole milk, and water. Her favorite foods are Zoodles with pesto and shrimp (weird I know) Watermelon, and cookies!!




17 Months & Stripping

HAPPY EASTER!! My baby turned 17 months and has already decided on her future career path…a shipper! I am totally just kidding but the kid will not keep her diaper on for the life of me. She can rip that thing off if in any clothing item I put on her in, a romper, bloomers, jeans its..I’m not even mad I’m actually impressed. But i did read this is normal so I am not worried, we bought her a potty trainer and she loves to sit on it but still has no idea how to use it. I thought we would start potty training around 18 months or when she starts to wake up dry so Ill keep y’all posted. Layla is progressing so quickly its like every morning I go and get her she is growing up right before my eyes, sad but pretty cool to see she’s turning into a toddler and she’s not my baby anymore ;o(

Eating- Of course she is still eating anything within a 5 inch radius of her, she hasn’t ever missed a meal so thats awesome! Her favorite food is still spaghetti! She LOVES sweets any time she can get some chocolate or ice cream she is happy. She also is a HUGE snacker she goes into her snack drawer and gets out graham crackers, gold fish, teddy grahams, fruit snacks and will go to town. She drinks 2 bottles of milk a day still and during the day she drinks water with a squirt of Mio in it and she will chug it, means lots more wet diapers but I don’t mind because I know she’s hydrated.

Sleeping- Since it was day light savings last month we have extended her bed time to 7:30pm and so dinner is later now which is nice! She is really really good at going to bed and not crying and staying asleep till 6:45-7am. We have a whole routine and around 7:15pm we go to her room, with her milk, pick out a book and she sits in my arms and listens then I put her in her bed say goodnight and leave and she is good to go! Napping has finally got on a consistent schedule she naps from 11:30am-1:30pm and it works and she is a happy camper and I get 2 hours to clean the house, do laundry, get dinner started etc. We did just drop her bed to the floor because we put her down for her nap and saw on the camera she was attempting to crawl over the top so we went in and dropped it! Next step is the toddler bed!!

Speaking- She is a talking machine, all day long non stop she is babbling, most of the time its doesn’t make sense but its pretty cute she tries. She learns a new word every day or so she can say window, keys, ball, come on, mommy mine, bye bye, no, mine, dog, shoes, park, and more. When she wants us to go on a walk she puts our shoes on us its pretty funny and she knows who’s shoes go on who’s feet. She also knows a lot more than I give her credit for I will tell her to go give daddy something and she will hand it to him, or to throw away her diaper..she will, so smart!

Clothing- My tiny little baby she’s 20.4 pounds but is 31inches tall!! She is in 12-18 month and some 6-12 stuff but for the most part 12-18 I put all her old clothes away and left only the 12-18 they may be baggy but its fine. Diapers she’s still in a 3!

She is doing so good and is so much fun, she is a tornado and can destroy a house faster then you can blink and she helps pick it up so its fine I don’t mind. She loves to blow kisses and say bye bye, go to the park, play with her friends and cousins, shop, run errands, and abuse the new kitten we got. 17 months is going to be an adventure and we are happy to do it!







Tokyo Must, See, Do & Eat!

Sorry for the delay again things around here are super busy! Here we go! Tokyo is fashion central and food lovers galore! They are very humble about their cuisine and that is what makes it all better, in my opinion. So if you are going to Tokyo and looking for the best places to eat things can get very over whemling on Google, you need to be super specific and area of the city orientated. We were staying near Ginza so when I searched best restaurants near Ginza it narrowed my search down tremendously. From there I got the top 10 best ones with the best reviews and then did my research from there.I would follow up all my research by checking the Michelin guide and Top 50 Best Restaurants in the world. When I finally chose my top 3 I emailed the hotel and let him know which ones and on which night. 1 month prior to arrival the hotel had  confirmed we got into all 3!

  1. Jiro Roppongi- It is the sushi place owned by Jiros son. 

Being that I saw his documentary and read all the reviewsI was super excited to get a spot in here. They are SUPER strict on being on time our rsvp were for 5:30pm because dinner takes 2 hours and they only have 2 time slots available per night. We left out hotel at 5:15 and we didn’t get there till 5:38 and they were PISSED but it wasn’t our fault we hit traffic. Anyway there are only 6 spots at the bar and he makes each piece per person and waits for you to eat them then he moves on to the next. Personally I found the sushi to be not what I imagined it would be it was 19 pieces of odd flavored fish on rice with wasabi and no soy sauce. I had no idea what  I was eating and some of the textures grossed me out. But since they are all about respect you must  swallow each piece and tell the sushi master how much you loved it by saying “OI SHE” each time.  After we were finished I was not impressed with any of it except the tuna. I would not recommend the hefty price tag and the seriousness of it all.

2. Nihonryori RyuGin- has an impressive resume – ranked Number 28 in The S.Pellegrino World’s 50 Best Restaurants (staying there for 20 years), once ranked No 3 in the world, and The Michelin Guide Tokyo 2013 has also awarded RyuGin restaurant 3 stars. RyuGin’s Chef Seiji Yamamoto is known to push culinary boundaries, creating avant-garde dishes, while blending with the seasonal ingredients available in Japan. Every season has a different menu, and every day it may differ based on what is available in the market. This place was amazing! Every dish told a story and it was beyond my imagination on what chef Seiji could do. I loved this place it was super chic, lots of beautiful people, and everyone was nice! I would highly recommend this place!

3. The last night we ate at Sushi Yoshitake – Yoshitake has been described as less traditional than his competitors. Sushi Yoshitake was awarded three Michelin-stars in 2012, the year of its induction into the Michelin Guide and has upheld them ever sense. This sushi experience was different then Jiro it was less informal then a traditional 3 Michelin restaurant would normally be. The chef was super nice and funny we really enjoyed him and his sushi was exceptional. I would highly recommend this place!

Here is my Tokyo restaurant tip! In Japan they value gifts. So I made 3 gifts for the chefs before I came, I got bandanas and I put inside, hot sauce, a sheriff badge, and a Texas chocolate and I wrapped them up. I would hand the gift to the chef before each meal and they went crazy over it.  I am so glad I did that because the small gesture went a long way.

On to things to do! I hate to say this but we went to Japan mostly to shop and eat. We did visit a few shines but once you see one you pretty much have seen them all in my humble opinion. Each day I mapped out a new area I wanted to go shopping in and the best place I found was Harajuku (hello kitty pink area), and Ginza.

1. Ginza

Ginza is the affluent shopping district in Tokyo, home to the city’s posh boutiques and gleaming department stores, such as the classic Mitsukoshi and avant-garde Dover Street Market Ginza. But tucked in between some of the more imposing facades are simpler pleasures, like the fine crafts at Takumi, and the shelves full of ingenious toys at Hakuhinkan. Stationery fiends shouldn’t miss the nine floors of supplies at Itōya. Shopping options in this neighbourhood reflect the breadth and depth of the city’s consumer culture, which is equal parts high-fashion glitz and down-to-earth dedication to craft.

2. Harajuku & Aoyama

The twin neighbourhoods of Harajuku and Aoyama are home to the famed Harajuku girls (and boys), the youthful shopping strip Takeshita-dōri  and the stylish boulevard of Omote-sandō. Sophisticated, high fashion rules the Aoyama end of Omote-sandō, while the experimental hipsters of Harajuku layer haute couture with vintage finds. And then there is Ura-Hara, the maze of backstreets behind Omote-sandō, where you’ll find eccentric little shops and secondhand stores. There are countless shopping options: get started at Laforet6% Doki Doki and Sou-Sou for clothes and accessories; Tokyo’s Tokyo for souvenirs; or RagTag for pre-loved fashion.

We visited a Owl cafe in Harajuku and that was seriously amazing to get to drink a coffee and play with an owl so unreal. Make reservations online ahead of time!






Japan: Tokyo, Nagano, & Kyoto: PART 1, Know before you go!!

As some of you might know my husband and I decided to go on a trip to Japan for my 30th Birthday! It was seriously the best trip of our lives we had so much fun, ate some crazy food and shopped way to much. I wanted to write about our experience because if y’all do decide to go there, there is so much you need to know before hand that no website told us. It is actually super easy to get around you just got to have a game plan before, everyone is very nice but they don’t all speak English so learning some Japanese will get you far. If I could of we should of stayed longer in Tokyo 4 days was not enough for me, my husband was ready to go he was sick to death of shopping but thats all you pretty much do there! Here are tips to know before you go, I will post 3 or 4 more post on each town later!

Things To Know Before you go: Read all the way through!

  1. Pick your hotel: Be smart when choosing a hotel if you are going to try to eat at some top rated restaurants. I know your thinking why does it matter what hotel I stay at if I want to eat somewhere? Well the top 3 hotels get the first pick seats at restaurants and most top rated or stared restaurants only accept reservations from hotels. So if you are going to Tokyo and want to eat you must stay at one of those 3. If not then thats gray too, find somewhere just as good and wonder around and everywhere you stumble into will be Oi She!!! (delicious in Japanese) We chose the Mandarin Oriental based on its ratings and reviews and location. Its under a subway stop so you just go to the bottom of the hotel and jump on. Its 5 minutes from Ginza, 10 minutes from Roppongi, 15 minutes from the rest of the town. It was one of the best hotels we have ever stayed at, the staff all knew our name, drink orders, breakfast orders, pillow menu, sparking or still by our bed, everything. They made it so comfortable for us and went out of their way to do so. We asked the front desk about a train ticket to Nagano then to Kyoto because we were trying to plan on when to leave in the AM. An hour later a knock on our door and they had run to Tokyo station and bought us JR passes to Nagano and Kyoto and wrote down our departure and arrival times. It was beyond thoughtful, thats freaking service. I could go on and on about this hotel, I promise if your going to Tokyo you MUST stay here don’t look around this is the place. I actually had tears in my eyes when we left all the staff walked us out waving good bye it was sad like saying bye to family..we have to go back!
  2. Buy JR passes before you go! You cannot purchase them in Japan, also get the green car its much nicer and not much more.  It is a train pass that will get you all over Tokyo for the week its amazing. So you order it online before you go and put what dates you will need it. When you fly into Narita airport you will walk to the basement and there will be a JR Pass Entrance shop on your left, go in there and bring the green tickets they send you and they will trade them in for actual train tickets. So now that you have your jr pass train ticket to get on the actual train you go to the far right or left where there is a booth and you show the man your jr pass ticket and he will let you through. We learned this the hard way because everyone knows what they are doing and they are scanning their tickets and flying through the subway entrance so it gets really over whelming! Go to the booth and show him and your good to go. http://www.japanrailpass.net/en/
  3. Download Hyperdia! Its the subway time table, you can type in where you are and where you want to go and it will show you what time they leave and what track its freaking awesome we would of died without that and the wifi device.
  4. Rent a Wifi device from the JR pass website when you are purchasing your tickets it will come up on the next page asking if you want to rent it and its unlimited wifi data for up to 10 devices for like $16 a day or something cheap. They will ask if you want to pick it up or have it delivered to your hotel. I should of had it delivered but instead I picked it up at Narita terminal 2, 3rd floor where departures are. If you decide to pick it up after you land, go through customs, take the elevator up to the 3rd floor and its in the post office, show them your confirmation letter and they will hand it to you.
  5. Next after you get your wifi device, you want to get Japanese cash aka Yen. This may sound odd but you need to bring a wad of USD cash with you and then you exchange it when you get there for the best rate. The best place to go is the Japanese bank on the 3rd floor of Narita. The rates bout .2 cents off its awesome. So exchange lots!
  6. Head back down to the basement and jump on the subway to Tokyo station, takes about an hour to get there. Once you get to the station jump on another train to the area your hotel is or get a taxi they are everywhere and so flipping nice. They wear white gloves and don’t speak english.
  7. Print every where you are going in Japanese on a separate piece of paper. I did this by going to tripadvisor.com and typing in where we were going and the page would pull up then it has the address and it ask if you would like change it to japanese so I would and copy and paste it into a word doc. I am SO glad I did this because I could hand the taxi driver it and he would take us right there no problems.
  8. Speaking of English, you also need to download Google Translate app it really came in handy when we lost my paper of addresses on it by the time we go to Kyoto! It also was great when I was on the hunt for something and could type it in there and play it for the sales girl and she would run and grab it for me. BONUS!
  9. Pick your restaurants 2 months in advance and get ahold of the hotel and tell them where, when, and time you want to eat. Most places take reservations 1 month in advanced so the 1st day of each month they will call and make your reservations and send you which ones they got you into and what time.
  10. Robot Restaurant; it’s actually not a restaurant you need to eat before! But you need to buy tickets prior to the show I did on Viator, they were not easy to work with next time I would of done it directly through their website incase you need to alter it.
  11.  Work with you hotel to get your schedule perfect. Everyday for 6 months Tom and I at the MO emailed each other trying to get my itinerary perfect. He made tons of great suggestions I would of never of known unless we had worked together. Ill share my itinerary below for Tokyo, we did not actually do ALL of it but I would say 90% we did. Next post will be about Tokyo, shopping, eating, etc.



Monday night March 6th


– Pick up WIFI from Narita

– Exchange Money

– Get JR Pass

– Check into Mandarin Oriental

Tuesday, March 7 – spend the day in Ginza, Tokyo

7am: Tsukiji Fish Market

9am: Sushi Breakfast at Tsukjii- Sushi Daiwai

11:30am: Lunch Katsuzen – fried pork-Ginza

1:00pm:Explore & shop in Ginza

1:30pm:Coffee in Ginza Cafe de l’ambre

2pm: Hidemi Sugino- desserts

3-5pm: Shop and explore in Ginza near Tokyo Station

5:30pm: Dinner at Jiro Roppongi – sushi

8:00pm:Head to Shinjuku walk around before the show

9:00pm: Robot Wars- Shinjuku

10pm: Shinjuku’s Golden Gai district; Bar High Five – pina colada,Square, Asyl,Tachibana, Bar Albatross G, Jumanji 55, Bar Plastic Model

3:00am:The Room-Shuibuya

Wednesday, March 8 – Tokyo , Shibuya & Harajuiku & Shinjuku

9:00am: Sembikaya- fruit in hotel

10:00am: half day in Harajuiku/Shinjuku: ,eletroncis, 3d latte at Reissue

10:30am: Ramen at Ichiran Shinjuku Central East Entrance

11:00am: Harajuku Owl Village

12:30pm: Lunch- Harajuku Gyozaro- next to kiddy land

2:00pm: Shibuya Crossing Walk to Daikanyama Area

2:30pm: Pastel de Nata – The Nata de Cristiano – shibuya

6:00-9:00pm: Dinner at RyuGin-Roppongi

10pm: Bar Gen Yamamoto-martini and a flight -roppongi

12am: Roku Nana-3 flights up unmarked residential building-Roppongi 7th ward

1am: Fioria-Karoke

Thursday, March 9 – Tokyo, Minato – Ku

9:00am: Imperial Palace-Chiyoda ku

10:30am- Ramen Lunch at Ramen street- Rokurinsha- Marunouchi

12:00pm: Coffee at Steamer Coffee Company in Shibuya

1pm: Tokyo Tower-Minato-ku

2pm: Coffee at Omotesando

2:30-5pm Walk around Omotesando & Roppongi

-Walk to Nezu museum thorough Aoyama street

-Modern buildings

-Café Kitsune

-Quil Fait Bon Aoyama (Aoyama Omotesando) – Cake

-Omotesando hills

-Cat Street(Hip star street: famous back street with full of street brands)

-Meiji shrine

6:00PM- Drinks at the Park Hyatt-shinjuku

8:30-10:30pm- Dinner at Yoshitake Sushi Ginza



16 Month Update! Sorry Been Busy!!

Our angel is 16 months!! She is doing SO good!! Its amazing how much she grows and learns each month this month has been great in every aspect. She knows how to start the dishwasher, turn on Netflix (kinda lol) she tries so she can watch Wheels on the bus, makes a huge mess in less than 36 seconds, feds Marley his dinner every night, loves to go down the slide at the park, opens doors ;o(, puts her car seat on her self, and so much more!

Eating: She is still a great great eater, eating 3 meals a day and 2 snacks. Her favorite is still pasta specifaclly spaghetti and meat sauce with garlic bread lol, she loves pb&js, eggs with ham and cheese, and french toast. She still drinks 2 bottles of whole milk a day one in the am and one in the pm. Her snacks are usually fruit and animal crackers,  yoghurt, or a fruit bar. She’s awesome at drinking tons of water all day she’s doing so good!

Sleeping: She is ok in this aspect. We left the country for 10 days so her sleep is kinda messed up also it didn’t help with the time change and all! But now that it doesn’t get dark till later we eat dinner around 6pm then bath, play, bed at 7:30pm and she will wake up around 6ish-7ish.

Clothing: I just put away her 9-12 month old clothes and got out her 12-18 stuff it is fitting so much better because she is getting so tall her legs are so freaking long its insane she def didn’t get that from me. She is growing out of her size 3 shoes so I ordered her some 4’s. She is still in size 3 diapers.

Speaking: Her speech has come to a slow down she was learning new words everyday then all of a sudden it stopped. I heard its because she is focusing on other things and I think they are right she is running now and getting into more and more especially now that she can open doors everything is free range. But she still has mama, mommy, dada, daddy, ba(dog), bath, bubbles, hi, bye and ugh oh. We are working on it everyday and reading to her every night but she seems so much more interested in other things.

Weight: She weighs 20 pounds and if I was to guess 32 inches tall I will measure her later and double check. I doubt we will be the same height at this rate!! All her clothes were high waters so I know she’s getting taller.

Everything at 16 months has been awesome she is doing so good and getting such a personality I love seeing her learn and growing into a little kid its crazy!




15th Month Update

Well, it is safe to say things have gotten a lot better around here! She is still teething I see teeth poking through each day but she is feeling better and it’s making things a lot easier for all of us!

She is growing up so so so fast no one told me she would go from baby to mini me in 3.14 seconds. She picks up on everything we do, if I say no to the dog with my finger she does the same thing, she starts the dishwasher every night, she wants to watch wheels on the bus 829 times a day, she doesn’t want to ride in her stroller to the park anymore so she now walks there, she loves bath time and playing in her kitchen. We started putting her on  her little potty and she went in it twice yesterday so you could say I’m a pretty proud mom.

Eating- As usual still eating whatever is in sight and what we are eating. Breakfast she loves yoghurt with berries and Cherrios mixed together, snack animal crackers, lunch a turkey sandwich chopped up with apple sauce and dinner pasta, salmon, chicken whatever we are having!

Sleeping- Still doing great, she still goes to bed at 6:30pm-6:30am. She has pretty much dropped a nap, so its once day normal 10:30am-12pm and its play time the rest of the day. After dinner Dustin gives her a bath, and then he dresses her for bed, brushes her teeth and hair then I hear laughter for the next 30 minutes because they chase each other around in her room and tickle and play peek a boo behind her bed. Its the best sound in the world to hear I love it.

Clothing- She is 19.9 pounds maybe 20 so she wears her 6-12 month stuff and 12-18 month. She went through a growth spurt this past month and I think she’s 31 inches tall now, her legs are so long the 12month pants are capris lol. Diapers still a 3.

Talking- She is picking up new words everyday, mama, dada, daddy, mommy, dag (dog), hi, bye bye, bubbles, bath, and she is connecting words together like when she sees dustin she says “HI DADA!! which is pretty good! Also when we FaceTime my mom her grandma name is Bubbles and Layla always says BUBBLES when she sees her I love it.

Bottles- Milk she only gets 20 oz of whole milk a day one bottle in the am and one in the pm, water for the whole day. She likes to eat every meal with a fork or spoon and she feds her self I’m pretty impressed. We use the Think Baby bottles still one for water and one for milk and they are seriously the best!

Traveling- My husband and I are going on vacation soon without her and I am getting nervous to leave her, if anyone has any helpful hints I would love to hear them. I don’t want to leave her ;o(

School- When I drop her off now she doesn’t cry anymore and is so excited to play with all her friends and the teachers so that makes me feel good knowing she’s happy going there.

Pictures- This age is so hard to try and get a picture of her so apologies for them. She won’t stay still she won’t smile she doesn’t have time for photos has to go go go!

All in all 12-14 months were the hardest so far with her, 15 months has started off so much fun and I am loving this stage she is in right now. She loves to give kisses and hugs and runs when she sees me there is nothing better!


(Dustin and Layla playing in her room after dinner, poor Lucy)


On the weekends I go and get her and put her in our bed and we watch

Cartoons and she feel asleep so I had to get a pic of them 2.


Always getting into something, won’t stay still


Cheese Less Queso! Hard to Believe I Know!

Last night we had a Mexican themed Valentines Day party, I was in charge of bringing the queso normally I would of got a block of fake cheese and mixed it with Rotel but this time I decided to try a recipe for a healthy version of queso. I didn’t tell anyone what was in it till everyone tried it and I waited for their reaction. Everyone went NUTS no pun intended, they all literally freaked out, making claims like “This HAS to have meat in it” “There is cheese in it I taste it”`NOPE non of any of that! Its healthy its delicious and it taste like Chilis queso. Try it you won’t go back to real cheese!

1 Cup Cashews

1 Tablespoon Olive Oil

1 Red bell pepper diced

1 Small onion diced

1 Jalapeno diced

2 Teaspoons Cumin

2 Tablespoons Chili Powder

2 Teaspoons Garlic Powder

2 Cups Chicken Broth or Vegetable

2 Tablespoons White Miso Paste

2 Teaspoons Cornstarch

3 Tablespoons Nutritional Yeast


  1. Place cashews in bowl and cover with eater. Let soak for at least 8 hours or over night
  2. Heat oil in a medium pan. Add bell pepper, onion, jalapeño, cumin, chili powder, garlic powder. Cook till soft, take off heat let cool for a bit.
  3. Drain and rinse cashews and put into a food processor or blender, add the broth, miso, cornstarch and puree on high for up to 10 minutes till its sillky smooth. Then add the pepper mixture, nutritional yeast, and salt blend again till everything is mixed.
  4. Pour the “queso” into the same pan you used for the peppers and cook on low heat for 15 minutes stirring frequently.
  5. Serve immediately with tortilla chips!



14th Month Update!

Well, here we are again one month older and she’s still teething her freaking molars!! Motrin is still on the menu daily she seems to be on the upswing of it thankfully. I am still shocked I have a 14month old, she is almost a toddler! She is acting like she is one, throwing a tantrum here and there, skipping naps, bottle free, and picking out here own shoes daily now.

Eating/Drinking: She is such a good eater we are so blessed in this area there is nothing she will turn down. She eats 3 solid meals a day and 2 snacks in between meals. She loves homemade macaroni and cheese, pomegranates, and cookies! She is doing awesome with her sippy cups and drinks 20oz of whole milk a day (AM and PM) then during then during the day she drinks ice water.

Clothing: She is still in 12-18month clothing, size 3 shoes, size 3 diapers. Some brands like zara she wears 6-9 month stuff! She weighs 19 pounds and is 30 inches tall!

Sleeping: I think she had a mini sleep regression during month 14 she was waking up 3-4 times a night crying and wanting me or milk. I finally stopped going in there to check on her and I let her cry it out. She’s still 6:30pm-6:30am. She is napping from 9:30-11am and has been skipping her afternoon nap.

On The Go: She is a girl on the go!! Little lady loves to run a muck allllll day long, from sun up to sun down she’s going at 100%, trying to keep up with her is getting exhausting. Her personality is developing so much its crazy, she picks out her shoes everyday and hands them to me to put on. If she wants to go on a walk she will go get her stroller and push it into the kitchen and hit me with it till I take her. We go on 1-2 walks, the park, and errands everyday. Her favorite thing right now is The Wheels on The Bus, we watching The Mother Goose Club 10 times a day..I know every song and rhyme. When she is ready to watch the wheels on the bus she comes up to us and starts rolling her arms like they do on the show and hands me the remote.

Teeth: She has for sure 14 and I think over the past few weeks she’s getting in 2 more on the top it seems because she has had her hands in her mouth crying. I CANT wait for the teething stage to be over because I am over it.

All in all not to much has changed from month 13 she is just getting smarter and cuter everyday. She is still a huge cuddle bug, daddies girl, laughing fool. Couldn’t be more in love with her and so happy she is ours! Sorry about the lack of pictures she is sure hard to keep still these days!!