22 Month Update

Wow sorry I have not updated not to much has gone on since 18 months! Layla is terrific she is SO much fun she’s such a hoot. I want 3 more like her and I would laugh my way through everyday. I cannot believe my little baby will be 2 in November it has flown by! She is doing so good though, her speech is getting really good, she’s an awesome sleeper, she eats well and often. I couldn’t ask for more honestly! My pictures are not uploading so I need to work on them here is all I have for now!


Eating- Oh ya still anything and everything she’s a vacuum for food. She is really into cereal these days but the only kind that has marshmallows and she picks out the marshmallow and leaves me the rest. Snacks is a huge thing these days she eats about 6 times a day. Water is also a must I would assume she drinks 4-6 cups of water a day. Milk is still in the morning and at night. Her favorite food is cereal and peaches!

Sleeping- She got moved into her toddler bed and it has worked out because I flipped the lock on the door and she can’t get out ;o) but she does sleep well in there. She goes to sleep at 7:30 and wakes up at 7:30am. its nice! But as far as napping (11:30am till 1:30pm) these last few days she has been refusing I hope this is a just a fluke and she goes back to napping because I can’t get anything done!

Clothing- She still only weighs 21 pounds so she is still in 12-18 month stuff. Her feet are growing though she is in a 4-5!

Speaking- She can say a ton of words and she’s putting them together like “Bye bye Dada” Or “Mamas Bike” its cute I love it. Her new favorite word is Mine and No so thats been super fun!!

Traveling- We took her to Montana for the 4th of July and she did so good! She loves airplanes and was having a good time in the air thank goodness I was so scared! She didn’t nap the whole week because she was having way to much fun but thats ok. I am glad she did good because I was really reluctant to take her but now seeing how she behaved I feel like another trip will be ok.

School- She starts MDO September 5th I am excited about that she has been off for about 12 weeks this summer so keeping her entertained has been a challenge. She loves to go to MDO she apparently has a boyfriend in there I found out about and every time I say his name her smile goes from ear to ear and she starts clapping. She moves to a new room this fall and goes from napping in a crib to a nap map so I got her a cute one, a new lunch box from Amazon Ill attach and Stickers for her water and lunch box.


Its $27.99 on Amazon  its called the Lunch Bento Box my friend Maggie told me about it and I am excited to try it.


This is the Nap Mat its by Ozark you can find them online but I got mine in Midland at Le Bebe its around $80.00 but totally worth it, it’s so soft and rolls up!


These are the stickers I purchased on Etsy by Modish for her water, lunch box, and random items that I need personalized. They were only $6

Thats all on the home front for now! I will keep y’all posted with more information. Happy Fall Y’all!!