17 Months & Stripping

HAPPY EASTER!! My baby turned 17 months and has already decided on her future career path…a shipper! I am totally just kidding but the kid will not keep her diaper on for the life of me. She can rip that thing off if in any clothing item I put on her in, a romper, bloomers, jeans its..I’m not even mad I’m actually impressed. But i did read this is normal so I am not worried, we bought her a potty trainer and she loves to sit on it but still has no idea how to use it. I thought we would start potty training around 18 months or when she starts to wake up dry so Ill keep y’all posted. Layla is progressing so quickly its like every morning I go and get her she is growing up right before my eyes, sad but pretty cool to see she’s turning into a toddler and she’s not my baby anymore ;o(

Eating- Of course she is still eating anything within a 5 inch radius of her, she hasn’t ever missed a meal so thats awesome! Her favorite food is still spaghetti! She LOVES sweets any time she can get some chocolate or ice cream she is happy. She also is a HUGE snacker she goes into her snack drawer and gets out graham crackers, gold fish, teddy grahams, fruit snacks and will go to town. She drinks 2 bottles of milk a day still and during the day she drinks water with a squirt of Mio in it and she will chug it, means lots more wet diapers but I don’t mind because I know she’s hydrated.

Sleeping- Since it was day light savings last month we have extended her bed time to 7:30pm and so dinner is later now which is nice! She is really really good at going to bed and not crying and staying asleep till 6:45-7am. We have a whole routine and around 7:15pm we go to her room, with her milk, pick out a book and she sits in my arms and listens then I put her in her bed say goodnight and leave and she is good to go! Napping has finally got on a consistent schedule she naps from 11:30am-1:30pm and it works and she is a happy camper and I get 2 hours to clean the house, do laundry, get dinner started etc. We did just drop her bed to the floor because we put her down for her nap and saw on the camera she was attempting to crawl over the top so we went in and dropped it! Next step is the toddler bed!!

Speaking- She is a talking machine, all day long non stop she is babbling, most of the time its doesn’t make sense but its pretty cute she tries. She learns a new word every day or so she can say window, keys, ball, come on, mommy mine, bye bye, no, mine, dog, shoes, park, and more. When she wants us to go on a walk she puts our shoes on us its pretty funny and she knows who’s shoes go on who’s feet. She also knows a lot more than I give her credit for I will tell her to go give daddy something and she will hand it to him, or to throw away her diaper..she will, so smart!

Clothing- My tiny little baby she’s 20.4 pounds but is 31inches tall!! She is in 12-18 month and some 6-12 stuff but for the most part 12-18 I put all her old clothes away and left only the 12-18 they may be baggy but its fine. Diapers she’s still in a 3!

She is doing so good and is so much fun, she is a tornado and can destroy a house faster then you can blink and she helps pick it up so its fine I don’t mind. She loves to blow kisses and say bye bye, go to the park, play with her friends and cousins, shop, run errands, and abuse the new kitten we got. 17 months is going to be an adventure and we are happy to do it!







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