16 Month Update! Sorry Been Busy!!

Our angel is 16 months!! She is doing SO good!! Its amazing how much she grows and learns each month this month has been great in every aspect. She knows how to start the dishwasher, turn on Netflix (kinda lol) she tries so she can watch Wheels on the bus, makes a huge mess in less than 36 seconds, feds Marley his dinner every night, loves to go down the slide at the park, opens doors ;o(, puts her car seat on her self, and so much more!

Eating: She is still a great great eater, eating 3 meals a day and 2 snacks. Her favorite is still pasta specifaclly spaghetti and meat sauce with garlic bread lol, she loves pb&js, eggs with ham and cheese, and french toast. She still drinks 2 bottles of whole milk a day one in the am and one in the pm. Her snacks are usually fruit and animal crackers,  yoghurt, or a fruit bar. She’s awesome at drinking tons of water all day she’s doing so good!

Sleeping: She is ok in this aspect. We left the country for 10 days so her sleep is kinda messed up also it didn’t help with the time change and all! But now that it doesn’t get dark till later we eat dinner around 6pm then bath, play, bed at 7:30pm and she will wake up around 6ish-7ish.

Clothing: I just put away her 9-12 month old clothes and got out her 12-18 stuff it is fitting so much better because she is getting so tall her legs are so freaking long its insane she def didn’t get that from me. She is growing out of her size 3 shoes so I ordered her some 4’s. She is still in size 3 diapers.

Speaking: Her speech has come to a slow down she was learning new words everyday then all of a sudden it stopped. I heard its because she is focusing on other things and I think they are right she is running now and getting into more and more especially now that she can open doors everything is free range. But she still has mama, mommy, dada, daddy, ba(dog), bath, bubbles, hi, bye and ugh oh. We are working on it everyday and reading to her every night but she seems so much more interested in other things.

Weight: She weighs 20 pounds and if I was to guess 32 inches tall I will measure her later and double check. I doubt we will be the same height at this rate!! All her clothes were high waters so I know she’s getting taller.

Everything at 16 months has been awesome she is doing so good and getting such a personality I love seeing her learn and growing into a little kid its crazy!




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