15th Month Update

Well, it is safe to say things have gotten a lot better around here! She is still teething I see teeth poking through each day but she is feeling better and it’s making things a lot easier for all of us!

She is growing up so so so fast no one told me she would go from baby to mini me in 3.14 seconds. She picks up on everything we do, if I say no to the dog with my finger she does the same thing, she starts the dishwasher every night, she wants to watch wheels on the bus 829 times a day, she doesn’t want to ride in her stroller to the park anymore so she now walks there, she loves bath time and playing in her kitchen. We started putting her on  her little potty and she went in it twice yesterday so you could say I’m a pretty proud mom.

Eating- As usual still eating whatever is in sight and what we are eating. Breakfast she loves yoghurt with berries and Cherrios mixed together, snack animal crackers, lunch a turkey sandwich chopped up with apple sauce and dinner pasta, salmon, chicken whatever we are having!

Sleeping- Still doing great, she still goes to bed at 6:30pm-6:30am. She has pretty much dropped a nap, so its once day normal 10:30am-12pm and its play time the rest of the day. After dinner Dustin gives her a bath, and then he dresses her for bed, brushes her teeth and hair then I hear laughter for the next 30 minutes because they chase each other around in her room and tickle and play peek a boo behind her bed. Its the best sound in the world to hear I love it.

Clothing- She is 19.9 pounds maybe 20 so she wears her 6-12 month stuff and 12-18 month. She went through a growth spurt this past month and I think she’s 31 inches tall now, her legs are so long the 12month pants are capris lol. Diapers still a 3.

Talking- She is picking up new words everyday, mama, dada, daddy, mommy, dag (dog), hi, bye bye, bubbles, bath, and she is connecting words together like when she sees dustin she says “HI DADA!! which is pretty good! Also when we FaceTime my mom her grandma name is Bubbles and Layla always says BUBBLES when she sees her I love it.

Bottles- Milk she only gets 20 oz of whole milk a day one bottle in the am and one in the pm, water for the whole day. She likes to eat every meal with a fork or spoon and she feds her self I’m pretty impressed. We use the Think Baby bottles still one for water and one for milk and they are seriously the best!

Traveling- My husband and I are going on vacation soon without her and I am getting nervous to leave her, if anyone has any helpful hints I would love to hear them. I don’t want to leave her ;o(

School- When I drop her off now she doesn’t cry anymore and is so excited to play with all her friends and the teachers so that makes me feel good knowing she’s happy going there.

Pictures- This age is so hard to try and get a picture of her so apologies for them. She won’t stay still she won’t smile she doesn’t have time for photos has to go go go!

All in all 12-14 months were the hardest so far with her, 15 months has started off so much fun and I am loving this stage she is in right now. She loves to give kisses and hugs and runs when she sees me there is nothing better!


(Dustin and Layla playing in her room after dinner, poor Lucy)


On the weekends I go and get her and put her in our bed and we watch

Cartoons and she feel asleep so I had to get a pic of them 2.


Always getting into something, won’t stay still


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