12.5 Month Update

I know your probably thinking why am I doing a half month old update…well a lot has happened in 2 weeks I thought I would share.

First off we went to the dentist this week because she has been teething so horribly that I wanted to get the scoop on what was going on in her little mouth. Well I was right she has 4 front top ones and 4 bottom ones in and then 4 molars are trying to push through. She has not slept well, her eating has gone down, she has been attached at my leg for 3 weeks now, she won’t let me put her down and she only wants me no one else ;o( UPDATE after her surgery she has been 100% better about all this! Its like she feels better all of a sudden  and is back to her normal happy, sweet, playful self..thank goodness. She is back to playing on her own and not being as needy!

Second we got rid of all her bottles! Big girl now! I literally went to the store and bought one of each bottle from each brand because I wasnt sure which one she would like. I got the Nuk one which she loves, Zoli with the straw and flip lid and Think Baby which she also loves! All the rest are put up in the cabinet because she does not like them yet. The list of not likes is the Nuby, Camelback, the spoutless one from Target and nuby with the straw. I highly suggest if you are trying to switch to go with the Think Baby and the Nuk! Layla uses straws and someone asked me how we got her to do that we started that one day when Dustin was drinking OJ and he got a straw out and bird fed her with the straw, then eventually that evolved into her drinking her own oj from a straw. But my tip would be show them how to suck it with a straw and make lots of stupid noises like how good it is and it might peek their interest to try it on their own.


Lastly, we are actually heading to the Dell Children’s hospital in Austin because she has a clogged tear duct in her left eye that she was born with. They have to put her under to do the surgery and they take a needle and poke a hole to open it up and put a stint in it. The surgery should take 10 minutes and then they will release her not sure if we will stay the night or drive back its TBD.

We are back and surgery went great! She is doing so good and acting like nothing happened so we are very pleased with it and glad it is over!

I thought I would share the update!


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