The Princess is 1 Year Old!!


This is absurd how can my little 5.2 pound baby be 1 years old??? UPDATE she started walking after she turned 11 months she is getting better, faster, and stronger everyday!

Anyways where was I! My diva princess is a waving, walking, talking, eating, drawer pulling, laughing fool!! She is literally our whole life, our life before seems so lame and uneventful now its everyday she is making us smile, laugh and we are so grateful we have such a wonderful child!

Walking: Yes she is!! She’s trying to run and it’s only giving her bruises so sister needs to slow it down and perfect her walk. At first she was getting a step or 2 more under her belt each day and now she has mastered walking all over this house, on to different textures and can even hurdle over objects on the floor.

Sleeping: Yes she is!! 630pm-730am!! She will wake up and talk and whine a little but I never go  in there unless she is screaming bloody mary. Still on 2 naps a day but I can see she is trying to resist that second nap, I might just let her do 1 big 2 hour long one and see how she does the rest of the day. If not she is still on two 1 hour naps a day in her swing…i know I know I messed up I should have put her in her crib from the start but I couldn’t stand the screaming, so she’s spoiled brat and has to nap in her crib till I can suck it up and listen to the screaming when I transition her to her crib for nap time!

Eating:EVERYTHING this kiddo is a eating machine non stop all day er day! I cannot keep her full, she literally has never spit one thing out. 3 full meals a day and 3 bottles but I am going to start weaning her off soon and go to whole milk! Her favorite things recently are STRAWBERRIES, salmon, rice, blueberries, and oranges. She will pick fruit over anything these days because I think they feel good on her little teeth.

Teeth: Sharky over here has 8 teeth! 4 on the top and 4 on the bottom they have been killing her its made me feel so bad and her sleeping so bad poor thing!

Clothes: She is in 6-12 months and most the 12 is way to big but she wears it anyway i roll the sleeves or jeans and she’s good to go! It’s getting more fun dressing her in little vest and tights with shorts i love it!





We took some family pictures the other day and it  was so much fun!! Things are perfection with our little baby and I can’t do life without either of these 2 people!!