10 Month Update!!

Sweet Layla Rose is 10 months old!! My oh my this has gone so quick! Today I have been working on her 1st birthday parties yes parties! She is having one here in Midland and another in Dallas! She is growing up right before my eyes..she started Mother’s Day out in August so that has been awesome, she has so many friends she learned how to clap your hands when they sing the song “If your happy and you know it” its soon cute.  She does have to eat alone in the high chair because she has an obsession with eating and steals all the other kids food;o(((( lol she’s so funny, she’s also off the pouches and only eats what we eat, so lets say home girl is eating  pretty good…Pesto pasta, mushroom risotto, lasagna, butternut squash mac n cheese. She weights 17.5 pounds and is in size 3 diapers. I think I am about to lower her crib again I find her standing up when I go get her into morning its only a matter of time before she learns to crawl out. She is finally saying MAMA but its in this weird creepy voice, but I swear she’s saying mama lol! She is trying to say dog but all that comes out is “BA!” but she points at them and says it so again I swear she’s trying to say dog lol. She will not walk yet she is almost there I am sure she could if she wanted to but she’s half me so she might be a wee bit lazy! She has been dancing up a storm lately its pretty cute, I turn on Pandora on the TV and we jam out she absolutely loves it and so do I! Here are a few recommendations for this age..


The Boon high chair! We love this thing! Sometimes we eat at our bar and sometimes at the dinner table and this thing has wheels so we can drag her to wherever we are eating its pretty nice. Also, it has changeable color seats and trays, I got pink for Layla but next time if we have a boy I can just order a new color for him and life is good. For fun Layla loves to push it all around the kitchen while I do the dishes it cracks me up.I got mine on Amazon for $229


Unknown-24.jpegFreaking paper towels! You have NO idea how many of these things I got through a day, we eat together all 3 meals and most of it ends up on the dog, floor, or walls. I always keep a roll next to the table because Layla is a MESS!!! Buy in bulk you will thank me later!


Again, I know I know Motrin for babies this stuff rocks!! She is getting in her top 2 teeth and all she does is grab her ears and whine after 2.5ml of this she is back to her normal self. Also something else you may want to buy in bulk we go through  a lot of this around Casa De Poole! $7.99 CVS


So far 10 months has been amazing she’s starting to look more like a toddler, her hair can hold a clip, she’s starting to play on her own, she’s still sleeping from 7-7, over all she’s pretty much perfect and I’m obsessed! Cant wait to have more and more and more, sorry Dustin! lol!


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