Holle Lebenswert Formula & The Baby Brezza (Best Thing Ever!)


I know a lot of friends having babies and this is one of the questions I get the most, feeding and formula! Well, I found after tons of research the best formula for us in my opinion.. The Holle Lebenswert Formula it is a German formula and when I lived there I know how strict the FDA was on what goes into their food; so naturally this is the type of food I wanted to give Layla.  It’s $29.00 box if you buy more than 10 which I would recommend because they go through a box every 4-5 days. I order 15 boxes and reorder every 2 months or so. I purchase mine from Formula Land, link below. Shipping takes 3-4 days!


Lebenswert’s stage 1 formula is free of maltodextrin, relying instead upon lactose (which more closely mimics breast milk) to lend sweetness to the formula. Moreover, Lebenswert adheres to Bioland organic guidelines for farmers and manufacturers. These guidelines are even more stringent than the European Union’s Eco-Regulation; you can read more about them here.

Lebenswert does still contain palm oil and canola oil (called “rapeseed oil”), but it is definitely what I would choose if I were formula-feeding. Here’s a complete ingredients list of the stage 1 formula: Organic skimmed milk, organic whey powder (partly demineralised), organic vegetable oils (palm, rapeseed, sunflower oil), lactose, potassium chloride, calcium, vitamin C, sodium chloride, ferrous gluconate, vitamin E, zinc sulfate, niacin, calcium pantothenate, copper sulphate , Vitamin B1, Vitamin B6 , Vitamin A, manganese sulfate, folic acid, potassium iodate, vitamin K1 , sodium selenate, vitamin D.

Because it’s from Germany, Lebenswert is not FDA approved, so it can be challenging to obtain here in the U.S. Please ask your pediatrician if the ingredients and nutrients are appropriate for your baby before using this formula.


The Baby Brezza Formula Pro instantly makes bottles as small as 2-ounces up to 10-ounces in less time than it would take for you to make them by hand and works with any brand or size of bottle. The easy to refill water reservoir holds 50-ounces of water and heats to near body temperature, which is perfect for most babies.

The formula storage container holds 700-grams of formula or one whole box of Holle formula. But learn from my fail and save the scooper  that comes with your formula before you throw out the container. You never know when you have to make a bottle for travel and then you’re left, like me, trying to eyeball your scoops. (Total amateur move.)

Tips for using the Baby Brezza

I’ve actually gone online and read just about every customer review I possibly could just to get a feel of what kind of issues, if any, people had with this machine. And trust me, I also put it thorough its paces from running it until it was completely empty with both the formula and the water to leaving it on all day and night — really anything to replicate any possible problem. From what I can tell it comes down to two things: read the directions and clean it regularly. Seriously, read the directions. The set up of this machine is very detailed and specific to each brand and formula type. Setting the machine to the wrong formula brand and formulation can lead to wrong mixing ratios and nobody wants that… especially your baby. For the Holle formula we used setting 8 on the Brezza, but double check before you do!

As far as keeping it clean, I have just made it a habit of. Once a day, I take out the funnel and clean the underneath part where the formula comes out. This is the area where formula tends to collect and dry out. Because of this, I have yet to have an issue with clogging, clumping or misfires with dispensing in any way. Once a month I will wash out the reservoir and the formula storage, easy peasy.

I purchased mine on Amazon for $159.00 but I know you can also get it at Target, and Buy Buy Baby! But if you are smarter than me, I would totally register for it ;o)

Some baby gear items are luxuries, some are necessities, and then some luxuries turn into necessities…this is one of those items.



14 thoughts on “Holle Lebenswert Formula & The Baby Brezza (Best Thing Ever!)

  1. staing02 says:

    Hi Lacy,

    The instructions for the formula require boiled water and the Brezza requires distilled water. Does this mean we have to use bottles water for the water chamber? Or can we boil water and leave that in the chamber for bottles on demand (even if they’re made the day after)?


    • Lacy Hart says:

      Hi!! I use baby water it’s in the baby aisle at the grocery you then can choose if you want floride or no floride I do buy the one with the floride in it. If you can’t find this then bottle water will work just fine!:)


  2. Jacqueline says:

    Hi Lacy,

    I just set up my Brezza today and it was really hard after reading instructions, googling, youtubing and what not… since i’m using Lebenswert stage 1 formula, baby breeza doesn’t list it on its chart of formula settings. Today’s research landed me on this site, and as you said you go with setting number 8, so I turned the wheel and set it to 8. Why is it pouring almost 7 ounces? I set it for 6 ounces… I just really need to know if I’m getting the right amount of formula powder when it despenses with the water?


    • Lacy Hart says:

      Hi! I understand your frustration mine also does that too I push 4 and I get almost 5. I am not sure what is up with that I will contact baby brezza and ask. I checked the chart again and it says 8 for the wheel.. maybe you could try 7 once and see how many oz it gives you. I will let you know when they replay! 🙂


      • Cyrus says:

        Hi there! I’m going to be a first time father in no more than a week. My wife bought Baby Brezza and Lebenswert Stage 1…thanks wifey, this formula is not on the chart. @Lacy Hart, the extra ounces are from the powder. The oz you select on the machine is the ounces of water only. Add in some powder and the total volume is more than you selected.
        Since Lebenswert isn’t on the Brezza chart I’ve been putting together an Excel spreadsheet with all the formulas on the chart that converts units of all the formulas recipes to yield a ratio of powder(mL) to water(oz), then comparing that ratio to the dial setting on the Brezza. I wanted mL of powder because that’s how Lebenswert is given. What I get for all ages of Lebenswert 1 is a ratio of between 3.73-3.80 mL powder per oz of water. Of all formulas on the chart this equates closest to the Similac Neosure with 3.69 mL/oz…dial setting 9. I’m going to call Brezza and see if they can confirm this, or if the setting should be 10. The higher the setting the more powder, and this could dehydrate the baby. Too little powder seems like it could under nourish.
        I guess this is the start of being a parent [sigh].


      • Lacy Hart says:

        That is so awesome and helpful!! Congrats on being a first time dad getting the baby breeza is going to make life so much easier! Thanks for reading the blog!


  3. Katherine says:

    I just bought the Baby Brezza Formula Pro and the Holle Lebenswert bio Organic Infant Formula Stage 1. So what setting did you all decide on? 8? The Lebenswert Bio Organic Stage 1 isn’t on the Baby Brezza Chart.

    Thanks! Katherine


  4. gessicajean says:

    The Brezza has no option for odd numbered ml. I need to select 150 ml as per the Holle Stage 1 guide for a 3 month old. How did you get around this?


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