9 Month Update(2 weeks late)!!




I can’t believe our little Pumpky (yes that would be one of the many random nicknames we have for her lol) is already 9 months old! As each day passes I see my little babe turning into such a big girl, she’s not baby anymore ;o(

She has grown up SO much in 1 month its unreal!! She is developing the most amazing personality, she LOVES attention, saying DADA, being held, having people tell her she’s cute, waving at randoms, EATING, crawling at the speed of light, talking, working on walking, doing better at restaurants and in the car, loves kisses, and strapping her into things because she is a wiggle worm!


Clothing: Our big girl is 16.5 lbs and is wearing size 2-3 diapers and 6-12 month clothing
Feeding: She is eating 3 full meals a day, she is starting to get over her pouches she only wants to eat what were eating, which actually is fine with us and she loves it! She will go to town on salmon and carrots or steak and truffle mac n cheese ;o)  As for formula we’re using Holle Lebensweet (its from Germany, I will write about it next!) and it works well for her. Miss Layla LOVES to feed herself and let me tell you she definitely ends up wearing more than she is eating. She will not let me get near her with any utensils, so independent! Her favorite food is Macaroni and Cheese of all kinds! She’s eating meat and fish for 2 meals a day, having snacks as well, lately she loves raisins, blueberries, watermelon, teething wafers(Happy Baby) and bananas. For breakfast we introduced eggs, pancakes, yogurt..pretty much whatever were eating she will go nuts for but pancakes are by far her fav!!
Sleeping: SLEEPING THROUGH THE NIGHT!! Holy moly finally! We started this around 8 months and if I would of known we would of started this at month 6. She was waking up twice a night to eat and then one night I gave her a full bottle, the next night half a bottle, the 3rd night 1/4 a bottle then finally on the 4th night she didn’t wake up and it has been heaven since!!
Milestones: Layla has her two bottom teeth but the top two are making their way in as we speak. Teething was in HIGH gear for the past month, chewing on everything, crying, ear infections, grabbing her ears, getting sick it has been hell but I think its almost over! She is cursing everywhere and transitions herself from the couch to table to chair etc etc. She also walks all the way around our coffee table while holding on it. I think this child will be walking in no time! That being said we have entered the land of bumps and bruises! Layla is OBSESSED with Dad, its like I am not even in the picture anymore! She wants to be with him every second of the day, play on him, grab his nose, eye brows, leg and arm hair, eat what he’s eating, do what he’s doing. It is actually the cutest thing I have ever seen and I know he’s just as obsessed with her as she is with him. 3 weeks or so ago she said her first words….DADA, now thats all I hear dada,dada,dada,dadadadadadadda! lol we are working on mama she can say it but only when she’s screaming (I think lol) 9 months has literally been the best age so far, she’s incredible and I can’t wait to see whats next!!IMG_2342IMG_2347
Eating pancakes with Pop!

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