7 Month Update!!


WOW does time fly I honestly can’t believe she is 7 months old already! I can’t even begin to tell you how much things have changed since last month. 1. She has 2 teeth 2. She’s crawling 3. She’s standing 4. She’s eating 3 solid food meals a day 5. She’s sleeping longer


Teeth- Oy vey! This was a tough one! It was a beautiful Friday in May and all of a sudden the screaming started, the inconsoleable baby, the chewing on everything. This began at 6am and lasted a full 24 hours she cried the whole day, nothing helped, and I knew she was in pain it made me fell horrible. The next day she seemed to be better and I could see white poking through her bottom gums and I knew she was cutting teeth! I have learned a very very important thing you need when you have a teething baby I will share with you that I did not know about till after the two teeth came in….Baby Motrin! I gave this to her and she has not whined since ahhh thank the lord! Stock up!! $5.99 CVS



Crawling- This also started the same week as the teeth!! She had been scooting backwards for a long time, then she started rocking forwards then all of a sudden she went after the remote and it was crawling from there! I had to baby proof the house after that happened. She is super quick I put her down for 2 seconds I look back and she’s gone!  Also she’s being doing a semi head stand thing and I hear she will be walking soon…FML. I am happy for her being mobile in all but now my eye is on her 24/7.


Standing- ALSO happened the same week as the teeth and the crawling!! I could tell she was getting frustrated with being on the ground so I am always holding her up and I got out one of her older toys and it was a table with legs and music on the top. I helped her stand up to it and she’s been standing and grabbing ever since. What happened to my baby?? I strongly suggest this little Fisher Price table she loves it and it has helped strengthen her legs. $39.88 Wal-Mart


Eating- At 7 months the doctor gave me the OK for the puffed rice snacks, I bought the Plum organic kind because of the sugar content she seems to like them ok..right now they are to be determined. Also, the doctor told me at 7 months to introduce lunch solids like fruits or veggies, I went to Whole Foods and found Earths Best pouches and bought tons of them because they also have the least about of sugar. I really try and give her things with only natural sweetness, in my opinion its better to make your own food because you can control what goes into them. On the other hand the pouches are nice because they come in so many different varieties and flavors so it’s a good way to introduce them to things you normally wouldn’t give them. $1.79 a piece Whole Foods


Sleeping- Well I shot my self in the foot when I wrote that because she was fast asleep in her crib and now I’m holding her as I type this because she woke up crying. But she has this past week FINALLY been sleeping better and only waking up once or twice in a 12 hour span. She goes to sleep at 7pm and is up at 7am she typically wakes up around 1 or 2am to eat 4oz and again at 4 or 5am then back to sleep till 7am.


Over all month 7 with her has been the best one yet but also challenging! I love seeing her grow and change she’s perfect ill keep her!!