6 Month Update!


My sweet angel is 6 months, can you believe it? I can’t! It seriously flew by, she’s not my little sleepy baby, now she’s a scooting, drooling, talking, toe sucking diva! We go to the doctor next week but so far so good!

Not Sleeping Through the Night: She is still not sleeping through the night what so ever! She goes down at 7pm and usually wakes up at 11pm, 4:30pm then up for good at 7am. Her naps are becoming a little longer now. She takes a morning nap for about and hour and then one more mini nap throughout the day (usually 230 to 4). Lets just say she is a HOT mess if girlfriend doesnt get those naps!
Clothes: Layla’s wearing 3-6 and 6 month clothes and nothing smaller! We are in the diaper size 2 and they are perfect! This little lady still has the yummiest cheeks and thighs but she has lengthened out a ton she’s 26 inches and weighs 14 pounds. I looked it up and the internet says a normal 6 month old girl should be 14-17 pounds and 23-26 inches. So she is in the tallest for height and lowest for weight..maybe she’s the next Gigi Hadid!!
Crawling: at 4 months she started scooting around backward and has been trying to crawl but she only gets a few feet before she quits out of frustration. While she babbles up a storm she’s still not talking yet! I can’t wait for her first words!
First Tooth: She’s working on it! Drooling everywhere, everything is in her mouth, she’s fussy as hell so maybe one will cut soon!
First Time on a Plane: At almost 6 months we took her on her first adventure, I will write about that next time! But I can tell you she did AMAZING, proud mom moment.
Food: She has now moved on the fruit and is loving it! If I am not making it from scratch we are only buying organic, non gmo, pouches, she loves the pouches because she can grab them and try and fed her self but its a huge mess!

She is growing up right before my eyes and is getting better and better everyday! Her eyes are the most beautiful color blue, her hair is white as snow, she smiles and loves people telling her she’s pretty, she responds to the name princess, and we are falling more in love with this little diva everyday!


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