5 Month Update..Late!!

Layla is 5 months already! Where did the time go?? We were at the pediatrician last week she weights 13.07pounds and is 24.5 inches long. She is still wearing 3-6 month clothes and they are finally not hanging off her! Her diaper size is still a 1 but I am running out so we will move to size 2’s soon!  I have found what her favorite toy is…it’s her Activity center, she LOVES this thing and mommy doesn’t mind it either. There are lots of different songs so it hasn’t driven me to crazy yet! I have zero complaints about this Step n Play from Fisher Price and HIGHLY recommend it if you’re looking for one!
Layla is doing so well in her big girl crib! As hard as we try to keep her up she is exhausted and goes to bed by 7pm! Its nice to have some alone time just for mommy and daddy but now she likes to wake up at 630am! We still do the 4 B’s and it seems to work but I have been transitioning her from her Halo sleep sack to a Kyte sleep sack and this has been difficult because her little hands keep waking her up. But after her 4 month sleep regression and the sleep sack change she is semi getting back into her old sleeping habits of bed by 7, wake up to eat around 2am then up for good at 6:30. She also is a serial cap napper! 30 minutes or less in the morning and maybe one more around lunch, then from 2-4pm she gets a longer nap in (thank goodness)!
My pediatrician has her on veggies now, we started at 4 months with 2 weeks of rice cereal and then after that we moved to green veggies and she freaking loved them!! I have been making homemade food I get a bag of organic green beans, and peas pop them in the microwave and then throw them into my ninja with a little water. I pour the green mixture into ice cube trays, freeze them then put them into labeled baggies. It seems like a lot of work but I promise it’s not! At 5 months we started her on orange veggies and so far carrots are her jam!
Teething is in FULL effect as well! My poor babe is drooling up a storm and gnawing on everything!! We have a couple teething toys but she really loves cool cucumbers right now. I keep my fridge stocked with cucumbers, I take one out peel it and cut it into 2 inch chunks and she goes to town on them!
As far as mobilization she is on the go!! She is starting to crawl (ahhhhh!!) She can scoot on her back for many many feet, I finally realized what the Pack-n-Play was for! Also she has found her toes it’s so cute how she sucks on them. Just today she is sitting up on her own..ugh where did my sleepy, tiny baby go ;o(((

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