Teething!! The Terror!

Month 4 sure has brought a lot of exciting things in our lives, first Layla is more aware of everything she knows who mommy and daddy are ;o) she is laughing, smiling  and always so happy its been a pure joy!

Then came the drool I thought this is interesting she is wearing bibs all day ‘er day no way can she be teething this soon. I started to research and of course she was I pulled out every teething toy she owns the only thing that she LOVES is the Sophie the Giraffe with the handles thank goodness someone got me 2 of those we keep one in her car seat and one in her pack n play. Toys-r-us $16.99 If she is not chewing on Sophie she is trying to eat my fingers!


Next, I found the best stuff I give her when she is starting to get flushed cheeks, cranky, and warm its from the grocery its called Homeolab Kids Relief Teething Oral Liquid $8.99 and worth every penny. I give her 25ml and a few minutes later she feels so much better and so does my head because she is not screaming any more!


I am still trying to figure out the best method for each stage she is going through but it is hard, thank goodness for Google I would not know what to do!


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