Babies-R-Us Price Match

This may be something a lot of people know, but I just learned it and I am so glad I did! I was at Laylas 4 month update and the doctor recommend that she not be laying anymore on her back that she needs to be in activity centers and items that keep her busy. So I ran up to Babies-R-Us to see what things they had for her. I found a Baby Einstein activity center I thought was cool, they had it for $99.99 and I found it on Amazon for $76.98. I went to the register and I double checked that they price matched and sure enough they do with any vendor anywhere. I showed  her the site and she entered it in her computer for $76.98 woohoo!! I also had a few other items I thought well I might as well look these up too, and they all came up cheaper online, I ended up saving over $50 thanks to price matching. This was just something I learned and I thought I would pass it on to all y’all! Happy shopping!!



This is the only  photo I have so far of the jumper but thats it in the background!


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