Bottle 101

There are SO many bottles on the market and when trying to decide it can get so overwhelming. I did tons of research on which bottles were the best and I came to find out that everyone is different and so I had to decide on my own. I went to multiple stores and bought some of each, I got the Medela, Como Tomo, Born Free, Avent, and Tommee Tippe bottles. So lets go through each one!


  1. Medela – These are our go to bottle time and time again, Layla loves them! They are super easy to clean, there are only 2 parts to it so it only takes a second. Also the nipple is for 0-4months so thats perfect you are not replacing the nipple as often as the other bottles. Also these were great for us when I was pumping I would pump straight into the bottle and then I could put a lid on it and put one in the fridge and give the other one to Layla. Target $19.99 for 4


2. Como Tomo- I love these bottles because they are unique and mimic a boob so a baby should be able to take this easier then some. Again they are easy to clean they only have a nipple and a bottom so I am a fan of that! The issue I found here was they did not fit into my Dr. Browns bottle warmer so I would have to heat up the milk in a Medela bottle then transfer them into the Como Tomo bottle. Dishwasher safe and easy to travel with. I would recommend getting at least a set of these. Amazon $44.99 for 4


3. Born Free- This tried-and-true classic is great for breastfeeding and bottle-feeding moms because it puts baby in total control. Yep, you read that right! He controls how fast he sucks and how much milk comes up. The best part? It’s dishwasher safe. These were voted the best bottles of 2016. I got the ones that are for 3-6 months and Layla is not ready for them quite yet so I can’t comment on them right now. Amazon $17


4. Avent- They say this is the most natural way to bottle feed. The bottles have an extra soft nipple designed just for newborns that makes it easy for baby to latch on, and unique comfort petals make sure the nipple doesn’t collapse as baby feeds. A specially-designed anti-colic nipple flexes as baby suckles, so air ends up in the bottle and not in baby’s tummy. I had read such great things about these and I wanted to love them but unfortunately Layla did not. The nipple is square and for some reason she would not take them. They come highly recommended though! Target $21.99


5. Tommee Tippee- The Tommee Tippee feeding bottles are designed to eliminate excessive air flow, so little ones will ingest more milk or formula and less air. The specially-designed BPA-free feeding bottles are designed to give the bottle a more natural feel. The included hygiene cap seals the nipple for travel. Each clear bottle holds 5 ounces.I love this bottle too, Layla liked it as well! Easy to clean, great for car rides because it holds more or less depending on how much you need. I recommend this bottle! Target $16.49


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