The Great Stroller Debate


As for the Vista stroller by Uppa Baby, above the only complaint I have heard is that the back wheel tends to hit things but I have a feeling that happens on any of the larger strollers. The Vista is the heavy duty stroller you can use the majority of the time. It has the bassinet option which is nice. Also if you have a 3rd child you can get the skateboard and then all 3 of y’all can go running around tougher easily.  The 2015 Uppa Baby has an outward facing option. Once I compared the Uppa Baby Vista 2015 and Baby Jogger City Select I found them to be extremely similar but the Baby Jogger was a few hundred dollar cheaper great option if you are interested in saving a few bucks! Price $899 Nordstrom


The StokkeCrusi stroller I hear is seriously ammmmazing! First and for most people LOVE the simple and sleek design of it! If you are a mama of two I am sure pushing a double stroller is a GAME CHANGER and can be so heavy and hard to steer. The absolute best part about this stroller is that it is SUPER easy to maneuver and is SO much lighter than any other double stroller. It honestly feels like you are only pushing a single stroller (even with both kids in it). This stroller is a bit pricey but you honestly are getting what you pay for and you can really feel the difference! Price 1249,



The Bugaboo Donkey I hear is where its at! Going out with your first child, second child can often present a dilemma. That’s where the Bugaboo Donkey comes in and makes it all so easy. The convertible stroller can adapt to your requirements at any given moment of the day. In just three simple clicks it can convert from a duo stroller to a mono stroller.

Reversing the seats make it possible to put children to any desired position – facing you, the world or each other. In fact, there are 17 different configurations – thanks to its interchangeable seats and bassinets, and flexible luggage options – which don’t compromise on comfort or functionality. Its width just 5,4 inches wider than mono-configuration means you can go in and out of entrances with ease. Cost $1719, Neiman Marcus

Stokke Crusi 140103-0011 Black_20425.jpg

This is the one we have for everyday and travel so far and I LOVE IT! The ultra-compact PEPP stroller is destined to be a favorite with both you and baby. With the three-position full recline and adjustable leg support, she’ll be snoozing in total comfort, enjoying the smooth ride that only progressive suspension technology can offer. The zero-degree turning radius and one-touch brake will have you steering like a stroller pro, while the super-easy, one-hand-open design will keep you sane on the busiest of days. Fold the whole thing in half to super-portable backpack size when faced with airplanes aisles, taxi trunks or any tight space—the PEPP makes extra bags a thing of the past. Price $299,

  • Accommodates babies from birth to 50 lbs.
  • 41 1/4″ x 21 3/4″ x 33″ unfolded; 28 3/4″ x 21 3/4″ x 10 1/4″ folded.
  • Night and Scarlet have hook-and-loop closure; all other styles have rubber strap closure.
  • Height-adjust handles.
  • Progressive suspension technology.
  • Three-point or five-point harness.
  • Stroller weight: 19 lbs.


Strollers are all the rage so picking one can be a bit difficult, you need to know weather you want one stroller, and an umbrella/travel stroller or if you want a double stroller, or a side-by-side double stroller,or if you plan on attaching your car seat to the stroller. It seriously gets hard and is pricey. As of now we have the Nuna Pepp and we use it for going on walks, going on outings and we will be using it to go to Mexico soon. When I get closer to our second I will be looking into a double stroller but for now I am content!


Us at the rodeo last weekend


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