Whats in my Diaper Bag

Putting together a diaper bag can be confusing, you never know if you are packing the right  stuff or items you don’t need. When I pack my diaper bag I try and keep it light and only pack the necessities because between that and carrying around a baby in a car seat, light is right. Choosing a diaper bag is also a big deal, you need to find one that holds everything, has pockets, can handle the elements of daily life and most importantly has a  shoulder strap. I say a shoulder strap because when  you are holding a heavy car seat in one hand and then your diaper bag in the other its much easier to have it hanging on your shoulder.


Here is a list of things one will need in a diaper bag..

  1. Car keys – duh
  2. O Ring Keychain Holder – best invention ever, I slide it up my arm when I am in a rush and am not taking my purse in with me. Cost $55 http://www.swoozies.com
  3. Wub-a-Nub- These are always good especially when we are out and about and she starts to get fussy I give her it and it buys me 5 minutes of silence$12 at Amazon
  4. Change of clothes – You never know when baby will have a blow out, always keep 1-2 outfits you can quickly swap out
  5. Bows- I always like to have a bow handy, if she’s not wearing one people ask me if she’s a boy and that gets old
  6. Socks- Its winter here still and she always throws one off and then I can’t find it so easier to keep an extra pair handy
  7. Blanket- People are always going to tell you baby is cold when they may or may not be, so I always keep a little blanket with me incase she needs wrapping up
  8. Bibb- always good to have on hand
  9. Kind Bars- I always need a good healthy snack!
  10. Pacifier leash- I just started using this and it has been a god send, no more picking up pacifiers off dirty floors and cleaning them
  11. Rattel- Something to distract them when they are starting to get fussy
  12. Skip Hop Pronto Changing Station- AHHH love this thing! I whip it out un velcro it and can change her in seconds. It holds diapers, butt paste and wipes in it. Cost $29 found at Amazon or Buy Buy Baby
  13. Not pictured but bottles- I always keep one on me, but don’t forget to take it out to wash it after it has been used will start to smell!


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