Washing Baby Clothes FYI

My helpful hint of the day! When we first found out Layla was going to be around 5 pounds I went on the hunt for Preemie clothes I didn’t realize how hard it was to find. I had a week to order 5-6 outfits for her, thankfully Amazon had some and I could Prime them. A girlfriend of mine told me I needed to invest in Dreft stain remover because Layla was going to go through those few preemie outfits quick. I ran to Babies-r-us and picked up a few bottles of that, the Dreft Newborn laundry detergent, and the Dreft Blissfuls washing machine scent booster. I am obsessed with the smell, I now wash all our clothes and sheets in it too! I know lots of people say not to get anything scented but Dreft is so gentle that the smell never bothered her, or irritated her skin. I also washed all her clothes in Dreft prior to her arrival so that way I never had to mess with that once she was here. You can purchase Dreft at many grocery stores, Amazon, or Babies-r-us. Cost $12.98 for the detergent, $2.98 for the stain remover, $5.99 for the Blissfuls.


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