Bottle 101

There are SO many bottles on the market and when trying to decide it can get so overwhelming. I did tons of research on which bottles were the best and I came to find out that everyone is different and so I had to decide on my own. I went to multiple stores and bought some of each, I got the Medela, Como Tomo, Born Free, Avent, and Tommee Tippe bottles. So lets go through each one!


  1. Medela – These are our go to bottle time and time again, Layla loves them! They are super easy to clean, there are only 2 parts to it so it only takes a second. Also the nipple is for 0-4months so thats perfect you are not replacing the nipple as often as the other bottles. Also these were great for us when I was pumping I would pump straight into the bottle and then I could put a lid on it and put one in the fridge and give the other one to Layla. Target $19.99 for 4


2. Como Tomo- I love these bottles because they are unique and mimic a boob so a baby should be able to take this easier then some. Again they are easy to clean they only have a nipple and a bottom so I am a fan of that! The issue I found here was they did not fit into my Dr. Browns bottle warmer so I would have to heat up the milk in a Medela bottle then transfer them into the Como Tomo bottle. Dishwasher safe and easy to travel with. I would recommend getting at least a set of these. Amazon $44.99 for 4


3. Born Free- This tried-and-true classic is great for breastfeeding and bottle-feeding moms because it puts baby in total control. Yep, you read that right! He controls how fast he sucks and how much milk comes up. The best part? It’s dishwasher safe. These were voted the best bottles of 2016. I got the ones that are for 3-6 months and Layla is not ready for them quite yet so I can’t comment on them right now. Amazon $17


4. Avent- They say this is the most natural way to bottle feed. The bottles have an extra soft nipple designed just for newborns that makes it easy for baby to latch on, and unique comfort petals make sure the nipple doesn’t collapse as baby feeds. A specially-designed anti-colic nipple flexes as baby suckles, so air ends up in the bottle and not in baby’s tummy. I had read such great things about these and I wanted to love them but unfortunately Layla did not. The nipple is square and for some reason she would not take them. They come highly recommended though! Target $21.99


5. Tommee Tippee- The Tommee Tippee feeding bottles are designed to eliminate excessive air flow, so little ones will ingest more milk or formula and less air. The specially-designed BPA-free feeding bottles are designed to give the bottle a more natural feel. The included hygiene cap seals the nipple for travel. Each clear bottle holds 5 ounces.I love this bottle too, Layla liked it as well! Easy to clean, great for car rides because it holds more or less depending on how much you need. I recommend this bottle! Target $16.49


Items you Need but Don’t Know

You will get all the gifts under the moon, people will offer you tons of advice, and you will see all over the internet great ideas but there is a list of things people forget to tell you that you will end up buying. Thankfully my best friend is a peditrican and gave me lots of pointers before I had Layla so I was prepared, I will pass on this knowledge to you guys!

  1. Vitamin D drops by Enamel Poly-Vi-Sol – These are the best drops for giving your baby the vitamin D they need since they will not be in the sun so much. You need to put the recommended dosage in their bottle every morning or in their mouth when breastfeeding. If you switch to formula this step will be unnecessary because the formula will already have it. Found at Babies-R-Us or Amazon $12-2271q7MW0SxpL._SY679SX438_SY679_CR,0,0,438,679_PIbundle-2,TopRight,0,0_SX438_SY679_CR,0,0,438,679_SH20_.jpg
  2. Destin Maximum Relief Diaper Rash Cream– Another good trick I learned was to apply butt cream after each changing to ensure she will not get a diaper rash. This was the one recommend to me and so far Layla has been rash free and happy. I heard there is nothing worse than a diaper rash for a baby, so stock up when they are on sale its in the purple tube. $3.79 Target


3. Little Remedies Gripe Water – A highly effective herbal supplement which eases gas and stomach discomfort often associated with colic and hiccups.  The formula includes ginger and fennel, which have been shown to be beneficial as an aid to digestion. We give this to Layla when she has the hiccups really bad or if it looks like her tummy hurts. We love this stuff it works instantly. $10.99 Target


4. Infant’s Tylenol- I did not have this on hand and I am still mad at myself for not buying it sooner, because when they need it and are in pain there is nothing worse than hearing that cry. So please buy this because you never know if they will get a fever, bonk their head, or after their shots and will need it. $6.99 CVS


5. Little Remedies Gas Relief Drops-When babies swallow too much air during feeding, excess gas can build up in their stomachs, leading to discomfort and crying. A new food or formula can also cause excess gas. Little Remedies for Tummy’s Gas Drops work quickly and safely to reduce gas build up caused by food or swallowing of air, so babies feel better in a hurry. Always good to have this on hand especially for colicky babies. $6.99 Target


6. NoseFrida The Snotsucker Nasal Aspirator– I know I know this sounds gross and it is but you made this baby you might as well help them with a few boogies. NoseFrida uses parents’ own suction to clear babies’ stuffy noses. Place large tube against child’s nostril creating a seal, use red mouthpiece to suck out snot. Move tube in a circular motion against child’s nostril – you will hear and see mucus coming out of the nose. For thick mucus, use a few drops of NoseFrida Saline Snot Spray in each nostril to help loosen mucus before using NoseFrida. $15.49 at Target


7. Mustela PhysiObebe No-Rinse Cleansing Fluid-This is a no rinse soap for babies, we squirt this on a little wash cloth and whenever she has a blow out and doesn’t need a bath but needs some cleaning we use this. Or if it’s not bath day just take a clean cloth and go over their face and body and they smell good as new! Love this stuff! $10.99 Target


Thats all I got for now, hopefully this helps you as much as it helped Layla and I!


The Great Stroller Debate


As for the Vista stroller by Uppa Baby, above the only complaint I have heard is that the back wheel tends to hit things but I have a feeling that happens on any of the larger strollers. The Vista is the heavy duty stroller you can use the majority of the time. It has the bassinet option which is nice. Also if you have a 3rd child you can get the skateboard and then all 3 of y’all can go running around tougher easily.  The 2015 Uppa Baby has an outward facing option. Once I compared the Uppa Baby Vista 2015 and Baby Jogger City Select I found them to be extremely similar but the Baby Jogger was a few hundred dollar cheaper great option if you are interested in saving a few bucks! Price $899 Nordstrom


The StokkeCrusi stroller I hear is seriously ammmmazing! First and for most people LOVE the simple and sleek design of it! If you are a mama of two I am sure pushing a double stroller is a GAME CHANGER and can be so heavy and hard to steer. The absolute best part about this stroller is that it is SUPER easy to maneuver and is SO much lighter than any other double stroller. It honestly feels like you are only pushing a single stroller (even with both kids in it). This stroller is a bit pricey but you honestly are getting what you pay for and you can really feel the difference! Price 1249,



The Bugaboo Donkey I hear is where its at! Going out with your first child, second child can often present a dilemma. That’s where the Bugaboo Donkey comes in and makes it all so easy. The convertible stroller can adapt to your requirements at any given moment of the day. In just three simple clicks it can convert from a duo stroller to a mono stroller.

Reversing the seats make it possible to put children to any desired position – facing you, the world or each other. In fact, there are 17 different configurations – thanks to its interchangeable seats and bassinets, and flexible luggage options – which don’t compromise on comfort or functionality. Its width just 5,4 inches wider than mono-configuration means you can go in and out of entrances with ease. Cost $1719, Neiman Marcus

Stokke Crusi 140103-0011 Black_20425.jpg

This is the one we have for everyday and travel so far and I LOVE IT! The ultra-compact PEPP stroller is destined to be a favorite with both you and baby. With the three-position full recline and adjustable leg support, she’ll be snoozing in total comfort, enjoying the smooth ride that only progressive suspension technology can offer. The zero-degree turning radius and one-touch brake will have you steering like a stroller pro, while the super-easy, one-hand-open design will keep you sane on the busiest of days. Fold the whole thing in half to super-portable backpack size when faced with airplanes aisles, taxi trunks or any tight space—the PEPP makes extra bags a thing of the past. Price $299,

  • Accommodates babies from birth to 50 lbs.
  • 41 1/4″ x 21 3/4″ x 33″ unfolded; 28 3/4″ x 21 3/4″ x 10 1/4″ folded.
  • Night and Scarlet have hook-and-loop closure; all other styles have rubber strap closure.
  • Height-adjust handles.
  • Progressive suspension technology.
  • Three-point or five-point harness.
  • Stroller weight: 19 lbs.


Strollers are all the rage so picking one can be a bit difficult, you need to know weather you want one stroller, and an umbrella/travel stroller or if you want a double stroller, or a side-by-side double stroller,or if you plan on attaching your car seat to the stroller. It seriously gets hard and is pricey. As of now we have the Nuna Pepp and we use it for going on walks, going on outings and we will be using it to go to Mexico soon. When I get closer to our second I will be looking into a double stroller but for now I am content!


Us at the rodeo last weekend


3 Month Update


I can’t believe this little sweetheart is growing up so fast! Its been a little over three months since Layla was born but somehow it feels like she has always been apart of our lives! Life with a baby is a huge adjustment but I wouldn’t trade it for anything. She is growing so big and coo’ing all the time. I absolutely adore this stage! She definitely recognizes her mama and I get that big toothless grin most of the time when she see’s me! That alone makes all the hard work worth it! I can safely say that I have a new appreciation for so many small things in life. A glass of wine has never tasted so good!


She’s such a happy girl, I love when she smiles and laughs like this


She is starting to fit in more clothes so dressing her up is becoming more fun!


Layla weighs 11.6 lbs and is 22 inches long, I love her little plump belly and those short legs! She has grown about 1 pound and 1 inch in a month. We have her in 3 month clothing and still some 0-3 month stuff and are in size 1 diapers! She sleeps a solid 5 hour stretch in the beginning of the night (sometimes 6 or 7!) Followed by waking up every 2 hours after that. She’s doing great in her crib but sleeps on her back so I also feel like she is getting a bit of a bald spot! The pediatrician said it didn’t seem like anything to be to concerned about that eventually it would grow back. She is also drooling and blowing bubbles a lot more so I’m wondering if this is the beginning stages of teething?! When they say “enjoy this stage because they grow up so quickly” they aren’t lying!


Best Advice I Have Received..

I did not write this but a friend of mine did, and  I agree with what they say! I did edit it to what worked for us…

  1. When you get the big POSITIVE, please get on a prenatal vitamin. You will be surprised at how many people do NOT take one.  I took OB ONE COMPLETE, which you will get from your OB/GYN at your NEW OB appointment.


  1. Drink water like its homework. Seriously! 8-12 Water Bottles, what have you, a day, is what you need to be consuming, if not more.  This will obviously help keep you hydrated but it will prevent cramping in your uterus.  And of course, it is GREAT for baby.


  1. EAT! Don’t be scared to gain weight. 25-35 is normal weight gain.  If you are having multiple babies, then more weight gain is expected. If you gain under don’t worry, some people are just more blessed and look like they swallowed a basketball. If you gain more, its not the end of the world.  Everyone carries differently. You all will be beautiful 🙂


  1. I would register for the following (again, these are just my opinions and what I have found helpful/lifesaver with my baby).


-Brestfriend (it’s like a boppy but way better. I use this to breastfeed and it clips around you and you are able to lay your baby across it so they can feed.  Babies R us, Buy Buy Baby, etc carry it.)


-MamaRoo. Yes, its expensive but so worth it.


-Rock and Play by fisher price. This is what Layla slept in for the first 2 months until we moved her to her crib.  She still will nap in it or lay in it while I shower which is so nice because it vibrates and puts her to sleep (BONUS). We also take it with us on all our trips it folds up and goes in the trunk super easy!


-Puj Tub and 4 moms bathtub are both great. I still use the PUJ TUB. It folds up and fits right into your sink which is so nice, especially when they are newborn and you can’t fully submerge them into water due to their umbilical cord and circumcision for the boys.  Sponge baths are the way people go which I did but I would put baby in the Puj Tub.  After her umbilical cord fell off (took 10 days since the new thing is NOT putting alcohol on it anymore)

-Motorola Baby Monitor and the Snooza are AMAZING.  The Snooza is the little device that clips onto the diaper directly on top of belly button region and monitors baby breathing. It will sound off an alarm if baby isn’t breathing or picking up movement.


-There are plenty of more things you can register for and I could go on and on and on but these are a few things I definitely recommend because we all love and will love our babies but you CAN’T carry them 24/7.


-Medela Breast Pump is great. I have the free style hands free pump.  Ask your doctor for a form to fill out so they can fax it over to your insurance. Your insurance will help pay for a portion of your pump, if not all. There are different tiers that your insurance will cover with optional upgrades available for purchase. We have BCBS of Texas insurance. I would take care of this around 36 weeks (if the doctor thinks you will deliver sooner, obviously take care of this before).


-Be sure and register at the hospital when you are around 27 weeks.


-Packing your bag for the hospital and doing it EARLY is smart.  Some people do not carry a full 40 weeks so its better to be prepared.


-If you deliver vaginally and want an epidural, ASK FOR IT BEFORE ITS TOO LATE. I went through contractions for a full hour, 40 seconds apart from one another, and it was AWFUL.  Just being honest.  The CRNA was in a C-Section so when the DR broke my water, I was without an epidural. Once you are dilated to about an 8-9 they will NOT give you an epidural so do not push it unless you absolutely want to. Just keep this in mind 🙂


-I bought large panties from TARGET, nothing fancy, that way I could wear a large pad, seriously, it feels like you have a diaper on, but it was comfortable because you are sore.  I did not tear but I did buy TUCKS and DERMAPLAST from walgreens. Both are amazing. The tucks are little cooling pads that come in about 50 that are good to put on top of your pad so they are against your bottom (for hemorrhoids) or vagina (if you tore, or just in general because you did just have a baby come through there).  The Dermaplast helps with itching and pain. You just spray down there, but not internally, only externally.  IT IS WONDERFUL.

-Bravado Nursing Bras are amazing.  I bought two sportier looking ones and then two nice silk ones.  The sportier looking ones I go walking in and wear to bed because trust me, you leak at night and you will wake up soaked and its NOT sweat, its MILK. I did sweat at night, not sure if it was hormones or what but you will leak, just keep that in mind.  Also, you can buy nursing pads to put in your bras too, which help.  I got the LANOLIN brand nursing pads and you can get them at HEB, TARGET, BABIES R US, BUY BUY BABY, ETC.

– LANSINOH heating and cooling gel pads are good to put on your breasts to help with the engorgement. They can either be frozen or you can place them in the microwave. Apply warm gel pads to breast 10-15 minutes before feeding then apply cold gel pads to breast 10-15 once you are done feeding.  This will help prevent mastitis which is a clogged milk duct that becomes infected and inflamed which you have to take an antibiotic to rid of it. OUCH….

-When you get home from the hospital your boobs will be HUGE. Out of nowhere you wake up and they are BIG. It’s awesome but yet bittersweet.  They hurt but you love how big they are, or I did at least.  When you are feeding, for example, on the right breast, have your husband, yes your husband, massage out the knots on the right breast. This will help release the milk and prevent clogged ducts. I will be honest, IT HURTS LIKE A B**** when they massage you because duh, they can’t feel your pain, only you can. That is why they need to do it.

-I feed baby every 3 hours.  We start about 8am and then every 3 hours after that.  His last feeding is at 11pm and then we put him down for the night.  I do NOT wake him to eat. Yes, I guess I am a rebel but you will never sleep if you wake them.  He eats at 11, then wakes me up around 3/3:30, i feed him, change him, put him back down, and he wakes me again around 7:30am and we start the day all over again. You can wake your baby every three hours at night if you like but I do not. Again, do what works best for YOU AND BABY, I am just telling you what works for me. There is no wrong way as long as it works for YOU.

– I started pumping around week 2 or 3, can’t remember, but I pump after he eats at 8am. You do still have milk after they eat, trust me, they do not just magically empty it.  I then freeze what I pump because its good for up to 6 months.  Make sure you put the amount and date on the bag.  I use Koozie breast milk bags to pump into so much better than Medela.

-Lanolin nipple cream is wonderful, I would invest. Apply it directly to nipples after each feeding, IF they are sore, its to help sore dry cracked nipples.

-Some babies are very GASSY so our lifesaver is LITTLE REMEDIES GAS DROPS from Babies R Us.  PLEASE GET THESE. You may eat something that will upset their stomach like no other. Don’t be scared to eat though, its a trial and error kind of thing( Just a few things I would avoid: Spicy foods, Garlic, Peanuts, Broccoli, Red Onions, Chocolate). Just make sure you have the gas drops within reach to be safe. I give him the gas drops before each feed, per our Pediatrician.  Sometimes I will give them after if he is fussy.

-We bathe baby every other day, everyone is different I just like how they smell afterwards


Just remember every day is a new day and what worked yesterday might not work today. You will get frustrated, cry, laugh and go through just about every emotion imaginable. But in the end you know what’s best for your baby, do what feels right to you and makes you feel most comfortable. Also please take these words as advice for you to make the best decision for you and your baby. This is just a little tid bit of what worked for me.



Whats in my Diaper Bag

Putting together a diaper bag can be confusing, you never know if you are packing the right  stuff or items you don’t need. When I pack my diaper bag I try and keep it light and only pack the necessities because between that and carrying around a baby in a car seat, light is right. Choosing a diaper bag is also a big deal, you need to find one that holds everything, has pockets, can handle the elements of daily life and most importantly has a  shoulder strap. I say a shoulder strap because when  you are holding a heavy car seat in one hand and then your diaper bag in the other its much easier to have it hanging on your shoulder.


Here is a list of things one will need in a diaper bag..

  1. Car keys – duh
  2. O Ring Keychain Holder – best invention ever, I slide it up my arm when I am in a rush and am not taking my purse in with me. Cost $55
  3. Wub-a-Nub- These are always good especially when we are out and about and she starts to get fussy I give her it and it buys me 5 minutes of silence$12 at Amazon
  4. Change of clothes – You never know when baby will have a blow out, always keep 1-2 outfits you can quickly swap out
  5. Bows- I always like to have a bow handy, if she’s not wearing one people ask me if she’s a boy and that gets old
  6. Socks- Its winter here still and she always throws one off and then I can’t find it so easier to keep an extra pair handy
  7. Blanket- People are always going to tell you baby is cold when they may or may not be, so I always keep a little blanket with me incase she needs wrapping up
  8. Bibb- always good to have on hand
  9. Kind Bars- I always need a good healthy snack!
  10. Pacifier leash- I just started using this and it has been a god send, no more picking up pacifiers off dirty floors and cleaning them
  11. Rattel- Something to distract them when they are starting to get fussy
  12. Skip Hop Pronto Changing Station- AHHH love this thing! I whip it out un velcro it and can change her in seconds. It holds diapers, butt paste and wipes in it. Cost $29 found at Amazon or Buy Buy Baby
  13. Not pictured but bottles- I always keep one on me, but don’t forget to take it out to wash it after it has been used will start to smell!


Honest Company

Before we had a baby I searched the internet to find the best diapers and wipes for her, the one thing I kept going back to was the Honest company. The reviews were really good and so was the price! These are all the things you get when you sign up..

  • One-month supply of premium & super absorbent diapers and plant-based cleansing cloths
  • Mix & match honestly cute designs each month
  • Save up to 35%!
  • Recurring monthly, cancel anytime
                      For $79.95 /month
One thing I will say about the Honest company is they have been nothing but accommodating and helpful every time I get on their website, the chat window opens up and I can ask them a question and get a answer immediately. As far as all the products I use from them goes I LOVE their diapers, they are so absorbent and have the cutest prints ever my favorite is the purple leopard! Their wipes are also the best I have tried, I have tried the Pampers, Baby Organics and theirs takes the cake they are so soft and you only need one! The best part of this is they DELIVER! You can get on their website and customize any bundle package you want and how often you want it. I am on the 6 week auto shipment of diapers and 4 packs of wipes which seems to work for us.
I believe they are at or around the same price point as other diapers so why not get your baby something organic, cute and convenient! I am a big fan!

Washing Baby Clothes FYI

My helpful hint of the day! When we first found out Layla was going to be around 5 pounds I went on the hunt for Preemie clothes I didn’t realize how hard it was to find. I had a week to order 5-6 outfits for her, thankfully Amazon had some and I could Prime them. A girlfriend of mine told me I needed to invest in Dreft stain remover because Layla was going to go through those few preemie outfits quick. I ran to Babies-r-us and picked up a few bottles of that, the Dreft Newborn laundry detergent, and the Dreft Blissfuls washing machine scent booster. I am obsessed with the smell, I now wash all our clothes and sheets in it too! I know lots of people say not to get anything scented but Dreft is so gentle that the smell never bothered her, or irritated her skin. I also washed all her clothes in Dreft prior to her arrival so that way I never had to mess with that once she was here. You can purchase Dreft at many grocery stores, Amazon, or Babies-r-us. Cost $12.98 for the detergent, $2.98 for the stain remover, $5.99 for the Blissfuls.