Pregnancy Products

When I became pregnant I quickly realized there are tons of no no’s when it comes to products! Here’s a link to webpage that really helped me when shopping for pregnancy friendly products/ingredients….

I bought the belly bands and was not a fan, so I went straight to the hair tie method, then to maternity jeans. I will do another post on maternity style!



As for face wash, I know most doctors say you can not use a lot of things that contain acids and such. I found this organic handmade olive oil face wash line called Bottega Organica that I LOVE! You put the face wash oil all over your face, dip a cloth in hot water, then hold it over your face for one minute then wipe clean with a dry towel. Then I add Cetaphil lotion over that for more moisture because where I live is super dry. I high recommend this line and I know its safe to use.


A great mask that is pregnancy safe is one by Tru Self Organics. There is not a lot you can use pregnant and this one was great when you could feel a break out coming on. You mix it with apple cider vinegar and let it sit on your face for 20-30 minutes till it gets really hard then you wash it off and moisturize. I loved it! $24.99


Around 22 weeks I started having a bit of back pain and not sleeping as great. I purchased a  Snuggle from Bed Bath and Beyond, it is really large and bulky. I was not impressed, especially for the price. As for stretch marks I hear it’s mostly genetics but I lathered up daily with creams anyway! I started  off using Mama Mio Tummy Rub butter then when I ran out I used Palmers coco oil (super cheap from Target) and its good! I’ve also heard great things about Mustela products and Bio Oil! Mama Mio cost $36.00 found at AmazonUnknown-1 Unknown



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