Baby Fashion

I try and find cute clothes for Layla that are not always pajamas, and that are comfortable. I search the Internet, small boutiques, Etsy, and Zulily for the cutest stuff I like to keep Layla’s little style comfy, cute, and most importantly practical. When things are on sale thats a huge bonus because we all know they only wear them once or twice and then they don’t fit which is a huge bummer! Here are some current outfits I am loving for Layla..


These again are essential in our everyday lives her Kickee pants gowns that turn into pants. She sleeps in them and they are great because they stretch. We nick named her “Wiggy” because she is such a wiggle worm that she needs clothes that have room to move. I have found the outfits that are not made with as stretchy fabric are less comfortable for her because she can’t kick her little legs as much. Cost $32-43 per outfit. Found at


As much as I love Kickee pants the buttons sometimes get to be a pain in the booty! I found these cool zip up outfits they are SUPER easy! I put her legs in there and zip it up and bam she is dressed and ready to go in less then 30 seconds. My favorite zip ups are by Aden + Anais they are made out of the same fabric as the swaddles so they are very breathable and stretch with her. Cost $29.99 Found at


Here are the wonderful Daddy loving Magnetic clothes. The line is called Magnificent and they are so great! I think this outfit has been worn the most because Daddy loves throwing it on her and not having to fuss with buttons or zippers. Next time I find these on sale I will be buying more. Funny story the other night Dad was on bath duty and I hear him screaming for me to come help him dress her. I go into the room and ask him whats wrong he says, “WHY would you buy her an outfit with no arms??” I look down and he has the layette gown upside down, her feet were in the arms, the bottom of the gown was around her neck, and her arms were tucked by her side. I fell over crying I was laughing so hard. So point being Magnificent is best for new dads. Cost $29.99


This was one of my favorite outfits of Layla’s its by Baby Loo, my mom bought it for me from a cute boutique but I have seen it also on Zulily. It is soft, warm, and has beautiful flower detail on it. Cost $63 Found at


We are going to Cabo in a few months so I purchased this Just Couture outfit not knowing that a XS was for NB so I will have to buy another one before we go in a Small that should fit 3-6 months. I just love this because of the pom poms and the head piece that matches its so stinking cute. Luckily the day she wore this the weather here was 75 degrees so this was perfect. Cost $49.99 but its is on sale for $29.99. Found at


Lastly, this outfit is from a boutique I found on Instagram called Cecil and Lou, they make lots of southern style outfits like this one. I ordered her a smocked Easter dress from here too. Cost $29.99 with monogramming found at



2 thoughts on “Baby Fashion

  1. Beep Toot says:

    This is wonderful! She is so cute. Would you mind checking out my blog. I love baby fashion also and I think it might interest you a lot!

    – Beep Toot


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