Nursery Organization

Getting the baby’s nursery organized can be a daunting task..where to begin? Its hard to figure out how you want everything and what you will need close at hand. I will give you a insight in to how I organized our nursery and what you will need.


We just got a regular dresser and decided to use it as our changing table. This is our second changing pad because the first one the sides were not very high so I ended up ordering another one from Amazon that is high sided, I feel more comfortable knowing she won’t roll off now. On top of the dresser I keep her Prince Lionheart heated wipes, lotion, Purell, and bows for easy access. The top drawers I use for all her diaper needs, the middle drawer is full of diapers, the second small drawer is extra changing pad covers, they are all Aden & Anais, lets be real there are some days we go through 2 or even 3 of them. Also there is Destin diaper rash cream we go through this like candy, we put it on after each changing I hear there is nothing worse than a diaper rash. So far so good no rashes and one happy baby! Also in that drawer I keep a spit up cloth because sometimes after she eats she spits up.


In the bottom drawers are all her clothes. I organized them by size the first one closest to the top are her Newborn to 3 month pajamas, on the left are the layette gowns, then the zippered/button down onesies then far right are her 2 piece outfits. I prefer the gowns for sleeping but my husband likes the zippered or magnetic ones. So whoever is on bath duty that night can pick which pjs she will wear.


The bottom drawer are her next size up pajamas so 3-6 months. Every time she grows out of an outfit I have a large plastic container I labeled that I put them in, incase we have another girl or one for one of my friends later on. Again, on the left are the layette gowns, then the zippered/button down onesies and then far right are her 2 piece outfits.


The outfits that are not pajamas, or onesies I keep in the closet. I have those organized with these nifty clothing dividers by months. I got them on amazon for $14.99.

Hopefully this helps when you are getting your nursery done. I know that it is different for everyone but this is what works for us!


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