Baby’s Home..Now What?

Bringing your baby home can be like getting slapped in the face with reality. I remember walking into the front door of our house with her and being like…now what do I do???

The first thing we did was introduce her to all the animals, we have 4 of them so we showed the dogs her first. Here is Marley and Lucy sniffing out their newest family member.

They were very confused by her, I remember the first time she cried Marley went into high alert, we were changing her on her changing table and Marley put his paws up there to see what was going on and to make sure we weren’t hurting her it was so sweet he already was being protective of her. We then showed the 2 cats our new family member, both of the could of cared less so that went well I guess!

Since I had a c-section I shuffled my way into my bed and let daddy take over from there so I could nap and recover. The first thing we did when I got up was to get her sleeping arrangment ready, I had a awesome Halo bassinet all put together and next to my side of the bed, laid out her pjs, and got a bath started. Giving her a bath was so scary she had dropped down to 4 pounds and washing something that small and gentle was terrifying. She was screaming crying, we didn’t know what to do so we rushed through it and put her in a towel quickly an got her into an outfit that was WAY to big!

The first night was SO rough, you now have this little human who needs you 24/7 its a real wake up call when you hear them screaming for food every 1-2 hours. After we got her in her pjs, we were getting her ready for bed, we got a Snooza alarm that goes on their diapers to alert you if they stop breathing. So we put her Snooza on her diaper, put her pjs over that, then put her in a Halo sleep sack. It took around an hour to get her to eat and calm down and finally fall asleep. Dustin and I were mentally and physically exhausted by the time we got her in to her bassinet, Dustin gently laid her in there, we air high fived, and he tip toed to our bed and we both let out a big sigh of relief. We did it!! We are all going to go to sleep now as a family…HA it wasn’t but 2 minutes later the Snooza alarm was going off like a screeching fire truck, Dustin flew out of the bed ran over to her screaming at me “WHATS THAT SOUND, WTF IS THAT?!?!?!?”  And I’m trying to tell him its her Snooza alarm but he is to busy trying to un velcro, unzip, un button to finally get to the Snooza to turn it off. By then Layla is neon red screaming, Dustin is beyond pissed and I’m dying laughing in bed. Welcome to the family Layla! She woke up every 2 hours to fed, get changed, and back to bed, lets say I got no sleep. She hated her bassinet, she did not like being flat. The second night I got out the Rock’n Play she slept in there like a baby it really did save my life.IMG_6429

Pretty soon we were getting better and better at figuring out what to do, we had a routine all day long, eat, burp, poop, change, sleep and repeat. I have heard of people doing the Baby Wise schedule, I came to the quick realization that I am on her schedule she’s not on mine. They do not know the different between night and day for a while, so during the day I opened all the blinds, kept all the lights on no matter if she was napping or not. Then during the evening I would close the blinds tun off the lights to get her acquainted with the night time. We also were not quite around her at all, I had the TV on, washing machine going, dogs barking, door bell ringing, and talking on the phone. Now she can sleep through the blender going and I believe it was from us being so loud all the time. She did that for the first month her sleeping schedule got semi better she would sleep 3 hours after a few weeks so you need to mentally be ready to be exhausted, cranky, hormonal, shed tears over nothing, having visitors around the clock, its all overwhelming but its all great and worth it. One thing I did learn was take the help if offered, getting a 2 hour nap in while grandma watches the baby will turn those black circles under your eyes to a nice shade of grey lol. Good luck with bringing home your new baby I can’t wait to hear the stories!



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