Packing Hospital Bag



Getting ready to bring home a baby is a big deal! You want to make sure you have everything ready and the house is all clean and organized. So packing your hospital bag may not be top priority but you also never know when baby might make their appearance so getting your suitcase packed and put in a closet ready to go should be done as soon as possible. I had my bag fully packed and ready to go by month 6! Some items in my suitcase included:

My suitcase:  I packed all mine, Laylas, and Daddys stuff in it so I needed a big suitcase.


PJS:For mama I packed, 2 pairs of super comfortable BUTTON down pajamas (for feeding baby easier). You will not want to spend to much money on these because they might get ruined with all sorts of stuff! Having a baby is not necessarily a clean process. I got mine at target with matching robes because the hospital room is cold cold! Cost $24.99 for PJ set and robe $24.99

Bras: You will need soft nursing bras for here and at home so I suggest these Bravado ones I ordered them from Amazon in a 2 pack that I wore all the time they are so comfortable and easy to sleep in as well. Cost $88 for a 2 pack (I ordered a size Large)


Feet: As I said before the hospital is super chilly and your little feet will get cold! I brought some fluffy socks and slippers I could wear in the bed and while I was shuffling back and forth to the bath room. I got mine at Target and I still wear them. Cost $4.99 for socks and $12.99 for Slipper socks.

Pillow: The hospital pillows suck! You will be posted up in that hospital bed for a few days and you will want some pieces from home that are comfortable. I brought my pillow and a big blanket to keep me warm while I was trying to figure out what to do with this child that just came into our lives. Make sure you put a old pillow case on it because its going to be getting spit up, make up, and crap on it and you might want to throw it away afterwards. Here is the blanket I brought you can get it at Nordstrom its by Barefoot dreams. Cost $105


I also packed random stuff for me I thought I would need like…Make up, hair brush, hair tie, snacks, toiletry bag, Go Pro camera, cell phone charger, going home outfit, and chapstick.

For Daddy, I packed him pjs (because he will be sleeping there with you for 2 nights) His toiletry kit, 2 pairs of undies, socks, slippers, going home outfit, and snacks for him.

For Baby, I packed her 5 outfits (thankfully I did, because she was so tiny none of the hospital clothes fit her) a blanket, socks, hats and bows. 4 of the outfits I brought her were Preemie Kickee Pants Layette gowns because they are eating and pooping every hour or so, so you can just pull up the gown and change them instead of messing with buttoning them. These gowns are awesome because they also can be buttoned into pants which is a total bonus!  Her 5th outfit was her going home one with a matching blanket and hat. Layette Gowns Cost $30.   Unknown-10.jpeg

Lastly, babies car seat needs to be installed in the car. They will not let you go home without it. Being that I had Layla in November I knew it was going to be cold I put the JJ Cole Bundle Me inside of her car seat. We love this because it is very warm and it can zip off if she gets to warm or it needs to be washed. I suggest this if you are having a baby in the winter months. Cost $39.99.



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