Body After Baby

Body adjustment, work outs and food
Body is still to be determined 😉 So I gained exactly 25 pounds but I still have a few pounds to go to get back to my pre baby weight. Lets just be clear pre baby weight and pre baby shape are two different things 😉 I am happy with my progress so far but have always been really hard on myself where I want my body to be. I love working out and just feeling in shape so my expectations of where I want to be are high. That being said life with her is a juggle and having daddy helping out has been a huge part in this. I have always preached that I would make time to workout because it’s something that was always been important to me I will say so far things look like they’re headed back to normal, but I have heard your pregnancy body really doesn’t really start feeling fully back to its old self until after 7- 8 months postpartum.

I  worked out consistently through out my pregnancy so this month I have really tried to step it up and make my work outs more of priority wherever I can fit them in. Even if they are a little something here or there. I have a been going to boot camp 3-4 times a week which has helped. Each day is a different body part one day is arms, legs, abs and running, then total body. But I am looking forward to a new work out place called Orange Theory opening in February that I am going to try out. I need high intensity work outs because I am pretty ADD!

As far as food is concerned I have obviously not been concerned about it! This week has been my first week where I have actually watched my intake. I have been so used to eating bowl after bowl of pasta and ice cream that eating a salad sounds super lame. So my morning breakfast is a smoothie I add one scoop of protein powder, frozen fruit, and water. I am going to alternate that with the avocado pudding because smoothies get old everyday! Lunches are normally either a soup, salad, sandwich, a frozen Amy’s or EVOL meal. If I am going to eat a carb it will be this meal so I can burn it off the rest of the day. For a snack I have been making oatmeal balls I will add the recipes for all these soon, they are delicious and great for energy before a workout. For dinner I do a meat and veggie so that way my husband is happy with the meal too. I never deny my self a dessert or glass of wine..why? Because life is to short to not enjoy things in moderation.

unnamedHere I am hours before getting checked into the hospital at 38 weeks.


Night 3 with Layla in her crib went great! She is sleeping like a big girl and we are so proud!


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