Rock ‘n Play to Crib..The 4 B’s


Let the angels sing! Last night was our first time putting her in her crib for the whole night. I was nervous because I was so sure she would not like it. After hours and hours of searching the internet for advice on transitioning baby, we came up with our own method because what I was reading sucked. My husband and I put our heads together to figure out what think would work best for Layla, and thats where we came up with the 4 B’s. Bath, Bottle, Book, then Bed. After we came up with this we decided we would do this right at 9pm every night knowing that she sleeps in 5 hour increments.

1. B-Bath: We used to bathe her in the AM because we found it would wake her up, so we decided to switch to night to relax her. We made the bath time calming and did not try to make it a production like we used to do in the AM. After her bath I got the green light to put lotion on her so we tried out the Johnson & Johnson bed time lotion in the purple bottle. It smelled like lavender and I think she liked it! (wasn’t as good as the Noodle & Boo, but if it makes her sleep better then I’ll take it!) After her lotion we put her in her pjs, then we tried the Halo Sleep Sack and it was a success. I had had issues with this sleep sack in the past she did not like it but it worked well because she could not move her arms. If you don’t have one a good swaddle will do, as long as they can’t move their arms they are good.

2. B-Bottle: I had a bottle warming while I drew her bath for her because every time she gets out of the bath she is starving for some reason. Which works in our program because that will be her last feeding before bed. Then we changed her diaper and put her back in her sleep sack.

3. B- Book: We choose a short book to read to her while my husband was rocking her. The trifecta of everything was starting to hit her. The eyes were getting heavy, her head was drooping and we knew it was working.

4. B-Bed: Once she was asleep we placed her in the crib ( I had removed  the bumper, and pillows from her crib prior to this) I have a sleep sheep attached to the side of her crib, I turned on the heart sound and it was nice and relaxing for her. We have the Motorola camera in her crib which works great, especially at night I can hear and see everything. it also tells you the temperature of her bedroom. We turned off all the lights, closed the blinds, and her door

We stood in the kitchen for a while watching her on the monitor to see if she would freak out but she didn’t. We came to an agreement to not do the “cry it out method” but to give her 15 minutes max of crying then one of us can go in there and check on her so she knows we didn’t abandon her. The second we got into bed I hear her screaming at the top of her lungs, I checked the time and was going to wait the 15 minutes, but after 2-3 minutes it was silent in there and I saw she fell back asleep on her own! She slept till 2:45am, my husband got up changed and fed her and put her back in bed. She stayed asleep till 7:15am. This was just night one, I will update y’all on our progress. I am pretty happy about our method and hopefully it works for us so it can work for you



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