Newborn Baby’s Must Haves

The amount of products out there for new moms and babies is beyond overwhelming (and believe me I have tried a lot of them)! Since Layla is only 2 months old I thought I would do a post on my absolute 10 must haves for baby’s first few months here! Here are my picks for items I HIGHLY recommend so far…

1.)  Fisher-Price Newborn Auto Rock ‘n Play Sleeper– This thing has been a LIFE SAVIOR for us. Layla hates sleeping on her back, she has the Halo bassinet and we never used it. I keep this next to my bed and she will automatically pass out once she is swaddled. It cost $79 and worth every penny!


2.) Speaking of swaddles.. We have all different kinds but the ones we have found work the best are the Kickee Pants Swaddles they are around $24 each but they are so worth it for a semi good nights sleep.


3.) Boppy New Born Lounger – Layla is constantly in her Boppy, this has been perfect for transferring her around the house, she naps in here and loves it! Since I had a c-section this was perfect to keep her next to me on the bed for feedings and such. Cost is $29.


4.) ComoTomo Bottles – We have been through SO many different kinds of bottles, I did not know a newborn would be so picky but she is. This Medela and the Tommee Tippee have been the 3 she loves. I love this one because it is made of silicone and is squishy, the feel of it is said to be like an actual boob. Cost around $25 for 2 5oz.



5.) 4Moms Mamaroo– Wow what an invention! Layla loves this thing, when she starts to get fussy or bored I stick her in here and 5 minutes later she is passed out! You can sink it to your iPhone and play music, also it has an app and I can change the settings from my phone which is nifty! Cost $279.


6.) Nuna Pepp Stroller– The one thing I kept researching over and over again was a stroller, I could never find a clear answer on to which one was the best. I wanted one I could fit the car seat into, one that was light, and one that was easy. So the hunt was on! I had registered for a stroller, and a umbrella stroller and I thought how annoying I am going to have all these strollers I wish one did it all and boom I found this one! This was the best thing in the world! It is light, easy to use, and the car seat snaps right in. I highly recommend this because it also turns into a umbrella stroller so you get your bang for your buck. Cost $250.


7.) Nuna Pipa Car Seat- Hands down the best car seat through all my research. It is the lightest on the market 11 pounds plus the baby which is pretty dang good. My husband and I went to the baby store and to pick the right car seat he made me pick up and hold each car seat to see which one I could actually hold. This one was it and I have been in love since! Cost $299.



8.) Nuna Leaf Curv-Can you see a trend here I am in love with the brand Nuna I feel like they have hit everything on the head. Its modern, useful, and not tacky. We keep our leaf on the counter so when I am cooking Layla can play in it or sleep. I just found out they made a motor for it called the Nuna Wind I will be ordering so I don’t have to push it myself. This is also light so I can bring it from room to room and she is entertained. Cost $229.


9.) Noodle and Boo Shampoo and Lotion – Ugh I wish they made this for adults! The scent of this is intoxicating I love giving Layla a bath because afterwards she smells so good I love love love it!! We are not allowed to put lotion on her yet but I can wait till we get the clearance from our doctor at this weeks check up so I can lather her up in this! Cost $20 each.


10.) Magnificent Clothing – Someone very intelligent must of come up with this because I can’t thank them enough! They are baby clothes with magnets instead of zippers or buttons. They are so easy to use and save us so much time when we are changing  her 10-12 times a day! When mu husband is on baby duty she is ALWAYS in one of these because he HATES the outfits with the buttons. I highly recommend getting this you can thank me later. Cost $18-40 an outfit.


I hope lots of mama’s to be will be reading this post and I would love to hear what y’all couldn’t have done with out for your babies so PLEASE share!!


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