Maternity Style

When I finally had to officially ventured into maternity wear I was so excited! I have to say I think maternity clothes have really come a long way and love that so many designers are incorporating more fashionable pieces for their prego buyers! That being said I still don’t like to spend a ton on clothes that can only be worn for a short period of time so here are some of my favorite basics I invested in all from

Ruching is a girls best friend! That bunched up fabric does wonders for flattering the bump and camouflaging those popped out belly buttons 😉 Also lots V neck tops and some maternity maxi’s that can be dressed up or down!

I’m not going to lie, I still rocked a heel from time to time. The rest of the time you would catch me in flats! Whether it’s comfy sneaks, rain boots, or over the knee boots… flats and comfort are a must!

and the biggest maternity must….denim! When I finally made the switch over to maternity jeans there was no turning back! lol The last three pairs in this set have been on heavy rotation in my wardrobe! Also if you’ve been prego before you know there is nothing more comfy than Splendid Maternity leggings (definitely a mama must!). Here are a few of my favorites at all price points….


Pregnancy Products

When I became pregnant I quickly realized there are tons of no no’s when it comes to products! Here’s a link to webpage that really helped me when shopping for pregnancy friendly products/ingredients….

I bought the belly bands and was not a fan, so I went straight to the hair tie method, then to maternity jeans. I will do another post on maternity style!



As for face wash, I know most doctors say you can not use a lot of things that contain acids and such. I found this organic handmade olive oil face wash line called Bottega Organica that I LOVE! You put the face wash oil all over your face, dip a cloth in hot water, then hold it over your face for one minute then wipe clean with a dry towel. Then I add Cetaphil lotion over that for more moisture because where I live is super dry. I high recommend this line and I know its safe to use.


A great mask that is pregnancy safe is one by Tru Self Organics. There is not a lot you can use pregnant and this one was great when you could feel a break out coming on. You mix it with apple cider vinegar and let it sit on your face for 20-30 minutes till it gets really hard then you wash it off and moisturize. I loved it! $24.99


Around 22 weeks I started having a bit of back pain and not sleeping as great. I purchased a  Snuggle from Bed Bath and Beyond, it is really large and bulky. I was not impressed, especially for the price. As for stretch marks I hear it’s mostly genetics but I lathered up daily with creams anyway! I started  off using Mama Mio Tummy Rub butter then when I ran out I used Palmers coco oil (super cheap from Target) and its good! I’ve also heard great things about Mustela products and Bio Oil! Mama Mio cost $36.00 found at AmazonUnknown-1 Unknown



Baby Fashion

I try and find cute clothes for Layla that are not always pajamas, and that are comfortable. I search the Internet, small boutiques, Etsy, and Zulily for the cutest stuff I like to keep Layla’s little style comfy, cute, and most importantly practical. When things are on sale thats a huge bonus because we all know they only wear them once or twice and then they don’t fit which is a huge bummer! Here are some current outfits I am loving for Layla..


These again are essential in our everyday lives her Kickee pants gowns that turn into pants. She sleeps in them and they are great because they stretch. We nick named her “Wiggy” because she is such a wiggle worm that she needs clothes that have room to move. I have found the outfits that are not made with as stretchy fabric are less comfortable for her because she can’t kick her little legs as much. Cost $32-43 per outfit. Found at


As much as I love Kickee pants the buttons sometimes get to be a pain in the booty! I found these cool zip up outfits they are SUPER easy! I put her legs in there and zip it up and bam she is dressed and ready to go in less then 30 seconds. My favorite zip ups are by Aden + Anais they are made out of the same fabric as the swaddles so they are very breathable and stretch with her. Cost $29.99 Found at


Here are the wonderful Daddy loving Magnetic clothes. The line is called Magnificent and they are so great! I think this outfit has been worn the most because Daddy loves throwing it on her and not having to fuss with buttons or zippers. Next time I find these on sale I will be buying more. Funny story the other night Dad was on bath duty and I hear him screaming for me to come help him dress her. I go into the room and ask him whats wrong he says, “WHY would you buy her an outfit with no arms??” I look down and he has the layette gown upside down, her feet were in the arms, the bottom of the gown was around her neck, and her arms were tucked by her side. I fell over crying I was laughing so hard. So point being Magnificent is best for new dads. Cost $29.99


This was one of my favorite outfits of Layla’s its by Baby Loo, my mom bought it for me from a cute boutique but I have seen it also on Zulily. It is soft, warm, and has beautiful flower detail on it. Cost $63 Found at


We are going to Cabo in a few months so I purchased this Just Couture outfit not knowing that a XS was for NB so I will have to buy another one before we go in a Small that should fit 3-6 months. I just love this because of the pom poms and the head piece that matches its so stinking cute. Luckily the day she wore this the weather here was 75 degrees so this was perfect. Cost $49.99 but its is on sale for $29.99. Found at


Lastly, this outfit is from a boutique I found on Instagram called Cecil and Lou, they make lots of southern style outfits like this one. I ordered her a smocked Easter dress from here too. Cost $29.99 with monogramming found at



Nursery Organization

Getting the baby’s nursery organized can be a daunting task..where to begin? Its hard to figure out how you want everything and what you will need close at hand. I will give you a insight in to how I organized our nursery and what you will need.


We just got a regular dresser and decided to use it as our changing table. This is our second changing pad because the first one the sides were not very high so I ended up ordering another one from Amazon that is high sided, I feel more comfortable knowing she won’t roll off now. On top of the dresser I keep her Prince Lionheart heated wipes, lotion, Purell, and bows for easy access. The top drawers I use for all her diaper needs, the middle drawer is full of diapers, the second small drawer is extra changing pad covers, they are all Aden & Anais, lets be real there are some days we go through 2 or even 3 of them. Also there is Destin diaper rash cream we go through this like candy, we put it on after each changing I hear there is nothing worse than a diaper rash. So far so good no rashes and one happy baby! Also in that drawer I keep a spit up cloth because sometimes after she eats she spits up.


In the bottom drawers are all her clothes. I organized them by size the first one closest to the top are her Newborn to 3 month pajamas, on the left are the layette gowns, then the zippered/button down onesies then far right are her 2 piece outfits. I prefer the gowns for sleeping but my husband likes the zippered or magnetic ones. So whoever is on bath duty that night can pick which pjs she will wear.


The bottom drawer are her next size up pajamas so 3-6 months. Every time she grows out of an outfit I have a large plastic container I labeled that I put them in, incase we have another girl or one for one of my friends later on. Again, on the left are the layette gowns, then the zippered/button down onesies and then far right are her 2 piece outfits.


The outfits that are not pajamas, or onesies I keep in the closet. I have those organized with these nifty clothing dividers by months. I got them on amazon for $14.99.

Hopefully this helps when you are getting your nursery done. I know that it is different for everyone but this is what works for us!


Baby’s Home..Now What?

Bringing your baby home can be like getting slapped in the face with reality. I remember walking into the front door of our house with her and being like…now what do I do???

The first thing we did was introduce her to all the animals, we have 4 of them so we showed the dogs her first. Here is Marley and Lucy sniffing out their newest family member.

They were very confused by her, I remember the first time she cried Marley went into high alert, we were changing her on her changing table and Marley put his paws up there to see what was going on and to make sure we weren’t hurting her it was so sweet he already was being protective of her. We then showed the 2 cats our new family member, both of the could of cared less so that went well I guess!

Since I had a c-section I shuffled my way into my bed and let daddy take over from there so I could nap and recover. The first thing we did when I got up was to get her sleeping arrangment ready, I had a awesome Halo bassinet all put together and next to my side of the bed, laid out her pjs, and got a bath started. Giving her a bath was so scary she had dropped down to 4 pounds and washing something that small and gentle was terrifying. She was screaming crying, we didn’t know what to do so we rushed through it and put her in a towel quickly an got her into an outfit that was WAY to big!

The first night was SO rough, you now have this little human who needs you 24/7 its a real wake up call when you hear them screaming for food every 1-2 hours. After we got her in her pjs, we were getting her ready for bed, we got a Snooza alarm that goes on their diapers to alert you if they stop breathing. So we put her Snooza on her diaper, put her pjs over that, then put her in a Halo sleep sack. It took around an hour to get her to eat and calm down and finally fall asleep. Dustin and I were mentally and physically exhausted by the time we got her in to her bassinet, Dustin gently laid her in there, we air high fived, and he tip toed to our bed and we both let out a big sigh of relief. We did it!! We are all going to go to sleep now as a family…HA it wasn’t but 2 minutes later the Snooza alarm was going off like a screeching fire truck, Dustin flew out of the bed ran over to her screaming at me “WHATS THAT SOUND, WTF IS THAT?!?!?!?”  And I’m trying to tell him its her Snooza alarm but he is to busy trying to un velcro, unzip, un button to finally get to the Snooza to turn it off. By then Layla is neon red screaming, Dustin is beyond pissed and I’m dying laughing in bed. Welcome to the family Layla! She woke up every 2 hours to fed, get changed, and back to bed, lets say I got no sleep. She hated her bassinet, she did not like being flat. The second night I got out the Rock’n Play she slept in there like a baby it really did save my life.IMG_6429

Pretty soon we were getting better and better at figuring out what to do, we had a routine all day long, eat, burp, poop, change, sleep and repeat. I have heard of people doing the Baby Wise schedule, I came to the quick realization that I am on her schedule she’s not on mine. They do not know the different between night and day for a while, so during the day I opened all the blinds, kept all the lights on no matter if she was napping or not. Then during the evening I would close the blinds tun off the lights to get her acquainted with the night time. We also were not quite around her at all, I had the TV on, washing machine going, dogs barking, door bell ringing, and talking on the phone. Now she can sleep through the blender going and I believe it was from us being so loud all the time. She did that for the first month her sleeping schedule got semi better she would sleep 3 hours after a few weeks so you need to mentally be ready to be exhausted, cranky, hormonal, shed tears over nothing, having visitors around the clock, its all overwhelming but its all great and worth it. One thing I did learn was take the help if offered, getting a 2 hour nap in while grandma watches the baby will turn those black circles under your eyes to a nice shade of grey lol. Good luck with bringing home your new baby I can’t wait to hear the stories!



Packing Hospital Bag



Getting ready to bring home a baby is a big deal! You want to make sure you have everything ready and the house is all clean and organized. So packing your hospital bag may not be top priority but you also never know when baby might make their appearance so getting your suitcase packed and put in a closet ready to go should be done as soon as possible. I had my bag fully packed and ready to go by month 6! Some items in my suitcase included:

My suitcase:  I packed all mine, Laylas, and Daddys stuff in it so I needed a big suitcase.


PJS:For mama I packed, 2 pairs of super comfortable BUTTON down pajamas (for feeding baby easier). You will not want to spend to much money on these because they might get ruined with all sorts of stuff! Having a baby is not necessarily a clean process. I got mine at target with matching robes because the hospital room is cold cold! Cost $24.99 for PJ set and robe $24.99

Bras: You will need soft nursing bras for here and at home so I suggest these Bravado ones I ordered them from Amazon in a 2 pack that I wore all the time they are so comfortable and easy to sleep in as well. Cost $88 for a 2 pack (I ordered a size Large)


Feet: As I said before the hospital is super chilly and your little feet will get cold! I brought some fluffy socks and slippers I could wear in the bed and while I was shuffling back and forth to the bath room. I got mine at Target and I still wear them. Cost $4.99 for socks and $12.99 for Slipper socks.

Pillow: The hospital pillows suck! You will be posted up in that hospital bed for a few days and you will want some pieces from home that are comfortable. I brought my pillow and a big blanket to keep me warm while I was trying to figure out what to do with this child that just came into our lives. Make sure you put a old pillow case on it because its going to be getting spit up, make up, and crap on it and you might want to throw it away afterwards. Here is the blanket I brought you can get it at Nordstrom its by Barefoot dreams. Cost $105


I also packed random stuff for me I thought I would need like…Make up, hair brush, hair tie, snacks, toiletry bag, Go Pro camera, cell phone charger, going home outfit, and chapstick.

For Daddy, I packed him pjs (because he will be sleeping there with you for 2 nights) His toiletry kit, 2 pairs of undies, socks, slippers, going home outfit, and snacks for him.

For Baby, I packed her 5 outfits (thankfully I did, because she was so tiny none of the hospital clothes fit her) a blanket, socks, hats and bows. 4 of the outfits I brought her were Preemie Kickee Pants Layette gowns because they are eating and pooping every hour or so, so you can just pull up the gown and change them instead of messing with buttoning them. These gowns are awesome because they also can be buttoned into pants which is a total bonus!  Her 5th outfit was her going home one with a matching blanket and hat. Layette Gowns Cost $30.   Unknown-10.jpeg

Lastly, babies car seat needs to be installed in the car. They will not let you go home without it. Being that I had Layla in November I knew it was going to be cold I put the JJ Cole Bundle Me inside of her car seat. We love this because it is very warm and it can zip off if she gets to warm or it needs to be washed. I suggest this if you are having a baby in the winter months. Cost $39.99.



Body After Baby

Body adjustment, work outs and food
Body is still to be determined 😉 So I gained exactly 25 pounds but I still have a few pounds to go to get back to my pre baby weight. Lets just be clear pre baby weight and pre baby shape are two different things 😉 I am happy with my progress so far but have always been really hard on myself where I want my body to be. I love working out and just feeling in shape so my expectations of where I want to be are high. That being said life with her is a juggle and having daddy helping out has been a huge part in this. I have always preached that I would make time to workout because it’s something that was always been important to me I will say so far things look like they’re headed back to normal, but I have heard your pregnancy body really doesn’t really start feeling fully back to its old self until after 7- 8 months postpartum.

I  worked out consistently through out my pregnancy so this month I have really tried to step it up and make my work outs more of priority wherever I can fit them in. Even if they are a little something here or there. I have a been going to boot camp 3-4 times a week which has helped. Each day is a different body part one day is arms, legs, abs and running, then total body. But I am looking forward to a new work out place called Orange Theory opening in February that I am going to try out. I need high intensity work outs because I am pretty ADD!

As far as food is concerned I have obviously not been concerned about it! This week has been my first week where I have actually watched my intake. I have been so used to eating bowl after bowl of pasta and ice cream that eating a salad sounds super lame. So my morning breakfast is a smoothie I add one scoop of protein powder, frozen fruit, and water. I am going to alternate that with the avocado pudding because smoothies get old everyday! Lunches are normally either a soup, salad, sandwich, a frozen Amy’s or EVOL meal. If I am going to eat a carb it will be this meal so I can burn it off the rest of the day. For a snack I have been making oatmeal balls I will add the recipes for all these soon, they are delicious and great for energy before a workout. For dinner I do a meat and veggie so that way my husband is happy with the meal too. I never deny my self a dessert or glass of wine..why? Because life is to short to not enjoy things in moderation.

unnamedHere I am hours before getting checked into the hospital at 38 weeks.


Night 3 with Layla in her crib went great! She is sleeping like a big girl and we are so proud!


8 Week Update



I can’t believe our little love is already 2 months old! She is our little heavy weight champion weighing in at 10lbs! This child can eat!! She has doubled her weight since birth so that puts her in the 25th percentile. Her height is 21inches that puts her in the 2nd percentile, not even on the charts yet! Layla is still in newborn clothes and diapers. I do use the Honest company for her diapers and wipes, I just ordered size 1 so we will switch to that once she finishes her NB diapers. She started smiling and coo’ing a lot lately and I just LOVE hearing all those sweet sounds! I don’t want to jinx us but Layla is actually a really good baby! She now has been in her crib 2 nights and it is going well! Still the same routine of the 4 B’s and she gets up again around 2:30am and again at 7am. Which works for us!

Her favorite toy lately have been this Skip Hop activity mat, whenever we are not holding her I try to get her doing tummy time in this. She lays on the mat and looks at her self in the little mirror and just talks and talks. I love hearing her in this and it keeps her entertained for quite a while! Another product I highly recommend. Cost $74.99


This week at the doctor she got her 2nd round of shots :0( that sound of her screaming crying because she was in pain was the worst feeling. They made her pretty drowsy so she passed out as soon as we got home. The second she woke up from her nap she was in so much pain that I ran to CVS to get her baby tylenol. I gave her 1.25ml of it and it seemed to help a lot she did not cry again. Next time we will give her the tylenol before her shots so she will be in less pain. Again, another lesson learned the hard way!





Breakfast…Avocado Pudding


I am a huge reality TV fan, one night after watching KUWTK I saw Kourtney Kardashian eating what she called avocado pudding. She’s skinny and pretty so I thought what the heck maybe if I eat it I will be skinny too. So this morning I gave it a whirl and put my own twist on it and it turned out to be really good! The key is to make sure the avocado and almond milk are cold.


1 Avocodo

1/2 cup Vanilla Almond Milk

1 TBS Maple Syrup

1 TBS Granola

1 TSP Chia Seeds

In a blender I combined the avocado, milk, and maple syrup, I blended it up till it was pudding like. I put it in a bowl and thought it needed a little crunch so I topped it with organic granola and a bit of chia seeds for fun! I loved it and will alternate this with my morning smoothies during the week. Maybe I will look like Kourtney here soon? One can hope!


Rock ‘n Play to Crib..The 4 B’s


Let the angels sing! Last night was our first time putting her in her crib for the whole night. I was nervous because I was so sure she would not like it. After hours and hours of searching the internet for advice on transitioning baby, we came up with our own method because what I was reading sucked. My husband and I put our heads together to figure out what think would work best for Layla, and thats where we came up with the 4 B’s. Bath, Bottle, Book, then Bed. After we came up with this we decided we would do this right at 9pm every night knowing that she sleeps in 5 hour increments.

1. B-Bath: We used to bathe her in the AM because we found it would wake her up, so we decided to switch to night to relax her. We made the bath time calming and did not try to make it a production like we used to do in the AM. After her bath I got the green light to put lotion on her so we tried out the Johnson & Johnson bed time lotion in the purple bottle. It smelled like lavender and I think she liked it! (wasn’t as good as the Noodle & Boo, but if it makes her sleep better then I’ll take it!) After her lotion we put her in her pjs, then we tried the Halo Sleep Sack and it was a success. I had had issues with this sleep sack in the past she did not like it but it worked well because she could not move her arms. If you don’t have one a good swaddle will do, as long as they can’t move their arms they are good.

2. B-Bottle: I had a bottle warming while I drew her bath for her because every time she gets out of the bath she is starving for some reason. Which works in our program because that will be her last feeding before bed. Then we changed her diaper and put her back in her sleep sack.

3. B- Book: We choose a short book to read to her while my husband was rocking her. The trifecta of everything was starting to hit her. The eyes were getting heavy, her head was drooping and we knew it was working.

4. B-Bed: Once she was asleep we placed her in the crib ( I had removed  the bumper, and pillows from her crib prior to this) I have a sleep sheep attached to the side of her crib, I turned on the heart sound and it was nice and relaxing for her. We have the Motorola camera in her crib which works great, especially at night I can hear and see everything. it also tells you the temperature of her bedroom. We turned off all the lights, closed the blinds, and her door

We stood in the kitchen for a while watching her on the monitor to see if she would freak out but she didn’t. We came to an agreement to not do the “cry it out method” but to give her 15 minutes max of crying then one of us can go in there and check on her so she knows we didn’t abandon her. The second we got into bed I hear her screaming at the top of her lungs, I checked the time and was going to wait the 15 minutes, but after 2-3 minutes it was silent in there and I saw she fell back asleep on her own! She slept till 2:45am, my husband got up changed and fed her and put her back in bed. She stayed asleep till 7:15am. This was just night one, I will update y’all on our progress. I am pretty happy about our method and hopefully it works for us so it can work for you